EST Gear Shovel Review: Hands-On

Contents1 Actual, hands-on reviews and comparisons.2 A shovel for your zombie apocalypse.2.1 You know, to shovel snow. 2.2 The walkie talkie that works. 2.3 The best way to take care of business.2.4 A spear that hunts you. 2.5 …

Actual, hands-on reviews and comparisons.

How does the EST Gear shovel stack up? Well, it’s not your grandma’s ice cream scoop. The shovel has a blade on one side and an adze on the other. It can be used for camping, building shelters, or even self-defense; but I’m going to focus mostly on its use in digging. The design is simple: a long handle with a large metal head that you can swing like an axe when needed. This tool weighs less than 2 pounds and packs down super small so you can tuck it into your pack without noticing it at all until you need it most!

1. What is your biggest concern about being unprepared for a big storm?

2. What type of people are interested in these products?

3. Do you think it’s important to have equipment for if the SHTF and electric grids go down?

4. How do you think this gear might be useful in a bug out bag or as an addition to preppers’ supplies?

5. What other survival-related items do you recommend that the average person should have stocked up on in their homes in the event of an emergency (e.g., battery backup, non-perishable food items, etc)?

When you’re packing your survival gear, it can be easy to forget the little things. But if I had one piece of advice for a first-time prepper or backpacker, it would be this: never leave home without an entrenching tool! It’s true that they are small and lightweight but their uses in everyday life (or when disaster strikes) make them worth every ounce. And while there may not seem like much difference between an entrenchment shovel and a traditional garden spade at first glance—powerfully half wrong my friend—the EST Gear Shovel has 18 tools all packed into one handy device making is more than just another shovel; its versatility makes me want to pack mine everywhere with me so I’m always prepared for

A shovel for your zombie apocalypse.

The EST Gear shovel is a great tool for when you need to do some serious digging or if there’s an emergency and your car breaks down. The shovel head measures six inches, which provides more leverage than other models that only measure four inches in length. Also the handle of this model is made from military-grade aluminum so it can withstand heavy use without bending or breaking like cheaper alternatives are wont to do at best.

You know, to shovel snow. 

Just like a Swiss army knife, the SawMini survival shovel has 18 tools packed into one rugged and compact design. The saw blade is perfect for cutting wood or bones; it also functions as an axe to cut through brush in tough terrain. Knife blades can be used for cooking, skinning animals carcasses, protection from wild beasts etc., while hunting spear allows you to hunt small prey such as rabbits and squirrels without much effort! There’s even a bottle opener included on this tool!  The hexagon wrenches are great when assembling things or taking them apart because they won’t round out any bolts/nuts of screws that may have been overtightened by hand-tightening only. All these features pack away neatly

The walkie talkie that works. 

For the field test, I was breaking down all the tools included and different aspects of this shovel. This is a tool that will make digging so much easier! My favorite part about it has to be how customizable it is: with four separate pieces on an adjustable handle you can always get exactly what fits your needs best. The first thing I noticed when taking out my new sporty red trench coat from its package was just how light-weight it felt in comparison to other clothing items–but don’t let that fool you because there’s nothing flimsy here, these winter coats are still tough enough for any storm no matter where they’re headed next

The Camp Axe is one of the most important tools in a camper’s backpack. The handles are designed to be quick and easy to assemble for use while on the go, with an option between length options ranging from 16 inches all they way up 35″. Each handle has a lanyard hole at its end that can easily slip around your hand during chopping tasks. In addition, because camping axes often require heavy force when using them quickly or aggressively, it’s important you have some form of cushioning against pressure points; this axe address those needs by providing wonderful support as needed

The best way to take care of business.

I was afraid that the axe might be too heavy to use but it’s much lighter than I expected. The axe is very sturdy and feels like a quality tool in my grip – not shoddy or hard to control at all! In fact, there were times when I chopped so quickly with such force because it felt effortless. It took me some time before feeling confident about chopping logs; however once you get the hang of things this thing really gets through them without any problem whatsoever. My only complaint would be getting used to how sensitive the blade can feel on your hands as you chop wood which means gloves are recommended for those who plan using this often-times sweaty job on an outdoor adventure trip or anything along those lines where handling sharp objects

A spear that hunts you. 

The only thing I didn’t like about the camp axe was that it liked to turn sideways on impact. When this happened, parts of the handle would loosen up from the metal shaft which made working with a shovel-head more difficult. Trying cutting down branches and limbs for an hour proved tiring since both issues make using a camp axe less efficient when chopping wood or breaking apart logs around campsites where you need firewood handy at all times!

The one thing I did not like about my new camping tool is that its head turned sideways after each swing; also loosening sections of handles in process. With these two major flaws  — making wielding even slightly cumbersome  — carrying this item into any sort of dense forest might

Guaranteed to make you smile.

The hunting spear is a great tool to have when you go on your next outdoor adventure. You can use it for fishing, getting items that are out of reach and even if need be, just in case – it’s always good to be prepared! This weapon also has two different handle configurations: short or medium length but one thing you should keep in mind with the blunt point opposite the sharp point; these points aren’t actually pointed like an arrow so they won’t do much damage depending where they’re stabbed into something.

Be ready with a quick blaze. 

I always perform the paper cutting test with a new knife. The blade on this one passed, but not without issue because it’s not “razor” sharp and bends too much when pushed to hard against an object. I tried making some 550 paracord strips for starting fires; that was another story as the knife kept getting stuck in my material or maybe just isn’t made well enough?

I was pleasantly surprised with the long-lasting sharpness of this saw. I took it to my yard, where there were a few stubborn branches that needed cutting down. The blade cut through them in no time and left me more than satisfied with its performance!

The best way to solve your company’s problems 

As a survivalist, I always carry fire starters with me. One of my favorite tools is the Ferro rod which works best when it has an excellent grip on its handle and can be struck three times without breaking away from the base. This was not such a case as after striking twice at the end of what seemed to be sturdy material around where you hold your hands for control, it broke apart while trying to get coals started in kindling wood. After examining more closely there didn’t appear any adhesive or protection applied that might have prevented this breakage–perhaps they were defective? Nonetheless, I still got fires going with some practice so luckily these are just minor inconveniences!

The world’s tiniest saw.

The first time using one made by “Firestarter”

The world’s best bottle opener. 

The shovel is a great tool for digging and it gets right to the point. With its long handle, you can get in some deep digs without much effort or risk of injury. The Ferro rod was my last tool that I tried out during this review but before I talk about what happened with it let me tell you more about the other tools which have been mentioned so far:

– Bottle opener – This could be useful depending on your situation as there are many different ways that one might use such an object; however, out of all these reviews testing using it only opened bottles did not seem like enough evidence to convince me further into believing anybody’s argument than mine own opinion which leans towards disagreeing with those who say they would find such

Cut down a tree in style.

My Hoe. I was able to dig through grasses and dirt to make a hole in just a couple of minutes with my hoe! It dug into semi-soft soil like it had done so many times before, moving the dirt as though nothing could stop its momentum. The handle can be adjusted for use at 90 degrees which created an effective tool for digging deeper or changing direction on large projects too big to tackle all at once (like when you have only one day off between workdays). I used this feature extensively during garden construction because there were some areas that needed more attention than others; by using different angles and then working back towards those spots later after touching up other sections, everything got equal attention without being overly repetitive about what

The ruler came in at 8cm long and worked as a measuring device when I didn’t have any. The screwdriver was easy to use, coming with two heads: Philips and flathead on one side of the handle so it could fit into hexagon holes found around most homes. And my dog always comes running when she hears me whistle–it only took minimal effort for her to come from miles away!

The Shovel with the Built-In Handle 

The whistle on the opposite end of this shovel’s handle is an emergency signal. In case it breaks off, you can still use your finger as a stopper to keep air from escaping so that it will make noise. The rope cutter (which I’ve nicknamed “Rope Cutter”) was surprisingly difficult for me to work with because my hands were busy holding the shovel in such a way not to mess up its balance and functionality while also trying to cut through 550 paracord–a feat which proved impossible!

Screw it tight. 

The compass at one side of this tool looks like those cheap button compasses found in most stores across America; however, there are some features about construction which may set apart yours: It has three adjustable directions instead of two; each

The last word in rope cutting. 

When I inspected the compass, it was missing! It had popped out through my light duty testing of the shovel. Fortunately, EST Gear also provides a lifetime replacement guarantee so all that needed to be done was contact their support team and get one in return. The sheath setup is great with everything fitting into this carrying pouch – even though there’s already enough coverage from the shovelhead coverings-and looks very professional when you’re on your way home after an adventure or job well done!

The new way to stay cool. 

Keep one section of the handle attached to your shovel head and you’re ready for a quick getaway with all that’s necessary. The carrying pouch is secured shut by Velcro and an over-the-top plastic buckle, conveniently accommodating other supplies in its spacious interior pockets. A nylon strap adjusts from 27 ½” up to 49 ⅞“to make sure it can be carried on any terrain or distance easily!

The straps also form a “belt loop” option so you can carry this lightweight yet sturdy kit anywhere—hands free!

Your life is better with Compass. 

Pros: Compact design; durable construction

In the event of a survival situation, having a quality multitool in your hands can make all the difference. The handle itself could be used as an offensive or defensive tool and is hollow for carrying additional gear like rope or fishing line inside it. I had no issues with any part of my compass but unfortunately lost mine because it was not secured properly into place (a major design flaw). All tools work well; some are just more efficient than others – axes were decent though saws were awkward to use and less effective at cutting wood due to their smaller size. In conclusion, high-quality multitools should always have space on one’s belt!

Get the job done with style. 

With the ever-changing and unpredictable world around us, it is no surprise that a lot of people are looking for alternatives to our current lifestyles. Some want to be able live off grid as much as possible without relying on any external sources (i.e., electricity). Others enjoy being prepared in case anything goes wrong while others just like having things available if they need them out on the trail or at home when there’s nothing else nearby

Throw your old hoe out the door.

The EST Gear Survival Multitool gives you all this and more! My favorite features were its sturdy grip handle with an integrated whistle for signaling help–perfectly located near your mouth so you can blow hard enough even though wearing gloves; versatile shovel, ax