Epic Nano Water Filter Dispenser Review: Features, Specifications, FAQs

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A filter that removes ALL the bad stuff.

Have you ever been on a survival show and thought, “I wish I had that!” Well now is your chance to get the best water filtration system around with the Epic Nano Water Filter Dispenser. This product comes with everything you need to ensure clean drinking water for years to come. The dispenser can be powered by either solar energy or manual pumping so it’s perfect for any situation – even if there’s no power! It also has an easy-to-use design that will have you hooked in seconds. If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself safe from viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants then this is the product for you!

Easy As Pie

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Sure, you can put it in the dishwasher.

It doesn’t matter what kind of disaster hits

1. Do you know someone with a water filter?

2. What is your opinion of the current water crisis (paper)?

3. What level of chromium-6 does your water have in it?

4. What are your thoughts on the pollutants in drinking water today?

Clean water is essential to our health. Some people are lucky enough to live near a source of fresh, clean water that they can access on demand but for those who don’t have this luxury at their fingertips need not despair because it’s now easier than ever before with the help of some new innovations in filters and natural solutions. Filtering your own home-made beverages has never been so appealing thanks to these changes!

Bigger than bigger.

I believe more and more people are realizing how important drinking clean filtered water really is which starts by getting yourself one such filter system like Brita or PUR if you want an affordable option–and there’re plenty out there!–or going full force all fancypants with something like Kinetico which make life around the house way less

The Epic Nano Water Filter Dispenser is a compact water filter that removes tap-water contaminants from your drinking and cooking needs. The quick navigation of this dispenser makes it easy to find what you need with ease, the dimensions measure 12″ x 9″ x 8″, and it holds approximately 8 liters at a time. Upgrade any kitchen or fridge with one today!

I’m Bob, and I live in your sink. 

The filter is also replaceable and can process up to 150 gallons of water. Less Waste! The filters last for months, so you only need one per year– which equals over 1000 plastic bottles that aren’t being wasted because they’re not sitting in the recycling bin or landfill. This product was made right here in America by Americans with American-sourced materials, although it does require some assembly when your package arrives at home (no tools needed). It’s always a good idea to read directions before getting started on any project; this will give you an overview of what needs done and how long it’ll be until the dispenser is set up just like new again!

The WATR Dispenser® Filter reduces waste from bottled water consumption

Less waste. More smiles. 

I was a little skeptical at first, but I’m glad Epic has made it so easy to clean my dispenser. The manual is pretty thorough and there are pictures for every step! Even though the instructions called for me to rinse off all of the pieces except one, I decided not to take any chances with that last piece – just in case. Luckily they provide an extra filter with each purchase which you can replace if needed (and honestly probably will need). Anyway after rinsing everything down really well and cleaning out both sides of the reservoir as instructed by their handy-dandy guidebook, now would be a good time when your beverage tastes much better than before 😉

We are not the average cons. 

I screwed the filter back onto the bottom of the reservoir and placed it on top of its matching dispenser. The last piece to assemble was a spigot, which screws into place after turning counterclockwise until resistance is felt. After everything is assembled, I ran two full reservoirs worth of water through my new filtration system just for good measure; this helped flush any residual carbon out from inside.

When filling the reservoir for the first time be aware that it will take a little bit of time to properly saturate and begin flowing. I found this out when after four or five minutes there was no water dripping, even though my filter had plenty in it. Filling your new dispenser is easy- just remove its black top, pour with pitcher or set beneath a faucet! But if you’re like me and want to leave your fridge at all times then keep reading…

I love gadgets.

Don’t let these shiny surfaces fool ya – they can come off as deceivingly difficult to fill up on the first go around (especially since there’s not much space inside). If you find yourself struggling with how best place your appliance inside an already crowded

You don’t have to do anything with this product.

The ingenious design of the dispenser makes it easy to transport and fill with water. The sliding mechanism can be opened while in transit, so there’s no need for a pitcher or cup when you’re out on your daily errands. When filled up, this eco-friendly appliance is capable of filtering 150 gallons worth before needing replacement filters! It comes equipped with an amazing ninety day timer that’ll alert users at three months if they want to change their filter sooner than later.

While I was flushing out the filter, water leaked from around where it connects to your sink. It turns out that there were no cracks in my spigot and after a quick inspection of my O-ring everything appeared to be good so I just replaced the old one with a new one.

We’re from the home of BBQ, so we know a thing or two about making grub. 

I stood in awe as I watched the filter fill up and then overflow, yielding a clear stream of water. This time around the spigot was screwed on tight enough to form an airtight seal with no leaks!

Taste Test. You’ll be surprised what you find out about yourself!

I would suggest hanging the spigot end of the dispenser over a sink basin for your first time filling it with water to make sure everything is installed properly. This way you avoid any undue puddles on your counter or in your refrigerator and give yourself ample testing room before placing this fancy new appliance near all my precious kitchenware. Taste Test: The dispenser has been washed out, its filter flushed, and I’ve fixed my leaky spigot problem as well! For round three (of what will be many), I filled up that reservoir again until it was nice an full-ish; then grabbed one of them favorite glasses from under me cabinet there so’s not t’waste no good drinkin’, placed ’em underneath

When I ran my tap water through the filter, it tasted cleaner and more crisp. The taste was much better than what you would get from a regular faucet or bottle of drinking water. And since this system is lightweight and can be carried in another bag on an outing, there’s no need to carry bulky bottles that might leak! This product won’t only save room when packing for trips–it will also keep your drink safe with its build-in UV light purifier to make sure bacteria doesn’t grow during storage time.

You don’t need to be a pro; it’s easy as pie.

Affordable, easy-to-use water filter for up to 150 gallons of drinking and cooking. I couldn’t believe how quickly it filters the dirty tap water in my fridge into clean, drinkable H2O! And not only is this product affordable but it’s durable too; you can store a Nano Water Filter on your countertop or refrigerator shelf with ease thanks to its compact shape. It even has an indicator light so that you know when the cartridge needs replacing (which doesn’t happen often). But don’t worry about forgetting because there are clear instructions right inside each box telling customers when they need to replace their carton–something no other company offers at such an affordable price point!

It takes out the trash.

After testing out three different

The Nano Filter is dishwasher safe other than the filter. When you do wash it, use mild soap or lemon juice and be careful not to put in a freezer!

Spigot is the fastest and most secure way to buy online. 

The countertop water filter is awesome. This system has made it possible to drink healthy, clean drinking water anywhere you go with just a small pitcher and an easy-to-use tap on the top of the unit that screws onto any standard size bottle or jug. I have been able to take my family’s filtered water everywhere we want without worrying about finding someplace safe to fill up before taking off for our next adventure!

The countertop home filtration system makes traveling easier than ever before by providing families like mine access to fresh, chemical free drinking whenever they need it most. With this compact little device in tow at all times, your days will be less stressful as you don’t worry over what contaminants are lurking inside every glassful

Spend your time doing more important things. 

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