Emmrod Fishing Pole Review for 2020: Survival Gear

Affordable, high-quality fishing equipment. The Emmrod Fishing Pole is the perfect survival gear for your bug-out bag. It comes with a lanyard so you can attach it to your backpack, or use as an extra …

Affordable, high-quality fishing equipment.

Survival Fishing Pole Review

The Emmrod Fishing Pole is the perfect survival gear for your bug-out bag. It comes with a lanyard so you can attach it to your backpack, or use as an extra line in case you need to make a shelter. It also has a small magnet on the end of the remote control that allows you to catch more fish without having to get closer and scare them away. The battery life lasts up to 10 hours which is great when you’re out on the water all day looking for food!

Survival Fishing Pole

1. How does this pole feel in your hand?

2. Is the length of the pole appropriate for different heights?

3. What feature do you like about this rod best?

4. Do you think that it would be a good choice for survival fishing and cycling gear as well as kayak fishing?

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Survival Fishing Pole Review

I do a lot of hiking in the back-country and always wanted to have my own fishing pole. Emmrod recently launched their line, so I decided to try it for myself. The Compact Spinning PackRod is perfect because you can use two pieces depending on what terrain or location you are near: either the handle with reel seat, which has six feet that stretch out up to eight inches when needed; or just the rod tip section if there’s not much space available where ever your exploring takes you!

It doesn’t matter where you’re fishing, or what type of fish – with the Emmrod Fishing Pole, there’s a tip for every catch! This versatile rod is made from aluminum and cork construction. With interchangeable parts to match your needs (tip 2 lbs up to 150 lb), this pole has everything any fisher could want in one package

Assembly is a challenge, but once you learn how to do it the first time assembling and disassembling your rod will be much easier. You can also put the tip section in two different positions based on what type of reel you plan to use with this rod (the slot at one end or right near the handle).

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The Packrod is the newest out of three fishing rods. The Packard rod comes in two different sizes: 12 or 16 foot long, and it has a tip-top that can be either facing down which will allow you to use spin casting reel on one end and baitcasting reel at the other for versatility, or with both tips up so you can only catch fish using baitcasting reels. It also includes an anti-reverse switch as well as line already attached to each spool allowing me more options than I had before when fishing!

I tried my luck with the this rod in two back country fishing trips. I caught nothing on either of these outings, but it was worth a shot considering how easy casting is with this lure! The wire had no issues keeping pace through both styles as well.

I’ve been looking at a new fish rod for my fishing trip this weekend, and I found the Emmrod. It has many features that make it stand out from other rods on the market today. The patent-pending Slimline design is perfect when you need to pack light yet still have plenty of strength in your line with its strong carbon fiber construction; not too heavy or bulky! The reel comes preloaded with 10 ft of 30 lb spectra braided super braid monofilament so there’s no need to worry about losing any gear unless you lose an entire arm off your body while out exploring some trout streams like we did last year (we don’t recommend doing). There are also two different models available

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