Duct Tape Dispenser Patch by Superesse Straps: Hands-On Review

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What’s your favorite flavor?

We all know that duct tape is a quintessential prepper tool. So, when we were contacted by Superesse Straps with a product called the Duct Tape Dispenser Patch and asked to review it, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The patch is designed to be placed on an existing roll of duct tape so that you can easily tear off strips without touching or contaminating the sticky side of your precious supply.

A card game for people who don’t like card games. 

After installing this nifty little invention on my current roll I was pleasantly surprised at how much easier it was to use than traditional methods! I found myself using more of my beloved adhesive in less time because I wasn’t wasting any time trying to peel back layers from the center like some kind of demented shell game

1. Why do you think that is important or necessary?

2. What supplies would you stockpile in case of an emergency that require other materials wearing out first?

3. Who else could use this product besides preppers?

4. Do you have any concerns about the ratchet system, and what types of measurements it would be suitable for?

If you’re the type of person who likes to spend time with your friends…

Product description: Cons 

I love duct tape! It’s so useful. For me, it has a million and one uses – I’ve never counted how many there actually are but the number is high enough to motivate me not to leave without bringing some of my own in any survival kit or pack that I have with me. But for those who find an entire roll heavy, bulky and difficult to store – like Ian from Quick Navigation Duct Tape Dispenser Patch Review below- here’s good news: There might be another way you can carry your duct tape around now…

Duct Tape Dispenser Patch by Superesse Straps is a perfect solution for individuals who enjoy the convenience of duct tape but do not want to be weighed down with an entire roll. The patch can hold up to 10ft of standard sized 2” or less tapes, which means you never have to worry about spools rolling around your car and getting dusty! This product also comes with two heavy duty Velcro strips on the back that allow it easily be attached anywhere from a ball cap, pack or kept in your vehicle without fear of losing track where they are located.

What’s better than a tape dispenser? A tape dispenser that can also organize your cords! This all-inclusive patch is great for those who need to keep their wires untangled. Whether it be Kevlar, fishing line or paracord; this handy item has you covered with its two Velcro straps on the back.

Easy to put on and remove.

Duct tape is undoubtedly one of the most useful inventions in recent memory. It’s also a pain to carry around, but this clever little holster makes carrying it much less cumbersome and more convenient! I grabbed my roll of duct tape, cut off about five feet worth on pieces (just enough for me), then wrapped them tightly together with Velcro sections that act as walls so they don’t get out-of-hand during transport. After securing the bundle with some cordage from an old tarpaulin sheet – now there was no way those rolls were going anywhere other than where they needed to go!

I began to wrap the patch with braided fishing line. It was long enough that I could tie it around my head so as not get sunburned if needed and keep myself protected from insects at the same time. The Velcro on all of these surfaces made them a perfect place for this versatile tool, but I found comfort in just having it close by me in my pocket when necessary or convenient without getting caught up while using other tools like knives or axes which are often more difficult to access than one’s pockets due to their weight distribution being different than most clothing items’ design.

Duct Tape with an attitude.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how handy my duct tape has proved to be in the wilderness. I was able to start a fire with just one roll of duct tape and patched up an opening on my survival blanket without any trouble using some leftover adhesive from another project. One tip for anyone who will need access to large amounts of this patch is that you can keep it contained by unrolling a length, say 1 foot long, then sticking your new patch onto Velcro material so they don’t get mixed together or stuck on something else while cutting off pieces as needed during repairs

The Extras Store.

The Pros of the product are that it is lightweight, easy to transport in a pocket or pack, and can organize tape or cordage. There are also some disadvantages such as cost for what you get, but there’s more! The company sends along extras like paracord bracelets with different survival-related items (a micro kit) which I’ll take a look at soon.

If there’s a question, we’ll answer it. 

This is a clever secret pocket that can be used to stash valuables, with the Saw Shim Tool being an interesting little tool. The saw shim has two uses: A micro-saw for cutting or as a shim tool for unlocking certain items such as zip ties.

I love how this patch not only has a Duct Tape and Cordage, but it is also useful in carrying around two of the most important items. The versatility you get from having these items on your pack or being able to take them out when needed can make all the difference with what you need for any situation that comes up.

Tailgating just got easier. 

Duct tape is a handy tool to have around, but it’s not always needed in large quantities. Luckily for the home or person who needs just one roll at a time, Superesse Straps has created an innovative Duct Tape Dispenser Patch that can clip onto your belt loop and hold up to 6 rolls of duct tape! It’ll be there when you need them without taking up too much space on your pants’ pockets.

The Tape Choice for A Creative Generation.

If you’re like me then chances are good that every once-in-a while you might find yourself needing some more duct tape before going out into the world again–but if I’m only planning on using small bits here and there this means having lots of leftovers after purchasing my own 15