Devil Juice Pepper Spray Review: Worth It? Hands-on Field Test

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For the prepper, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Whether that means having an emergency kit stocked with food and water, or just a canister of pepper spray in your purse. This blog is about my experience with Devil Juice pepper spray – will this product keep you safe? Read on to find out!

The world’s first interactive comedy show.

This blog post will cover my hands-on field test of Devil Juice Pepper Spray. I am a prepper and wanted to know if this product would actually work in an emergency situation, so I tested it out by going into some dark abandoned buildings (alone). What happened next was terrifying but also very informative!

1. Have you ever used pepper spray for self-defense?

2. What were your thoughts on its effectiveness?

3. Did the red color of pepper spray give you pause in purchasing it?

4. What explanation do think was given to the name “Devil Juice”?

Life’s a little better with craftsman tools.

Pepper spray is the perfect personal defense weapon to have on hand when you’re feeling unsafe, or are in an area that’s considered “high risk” for crime. Devil Juice Pepper Spray by ApeSurvival offers a compact size with 10% OC concentration and 32 bursts of pepper spray before needing replacement (though there are other sizes available if your needs require it). If you haven’t used this type of defensive force before, here are some things you should know about its effects: Unlawful use can result in imprisonment up to 3 years; anyone using may be responsible for injuries their target suffers as well as any property damage they cause; DO NOT USE IT ON ANIMALS! The list goes on – but let’s get into

I was hesitant about trying Devil Juice out, okay I’m a little scared of it. And while normally when testing products you might think that I do so vigorously and to the best of my abilities, in this case for pepper spray to be tested on an individual – say me for example – would seem like good sense? But what if something happened where there wasn’t enough time or chance (or both) and devil juice needed to really come through?! That’s why today we are going up against one million SHU with 1% capsaicinoids concentration! The can sprays a fine mist that can reach up to six feet…

Tired of being bullied? Have you tried pepper spray on your bully yet?

Devil Juice Pepper Spray

A pain can. What could it be? It’s a compact personal defense spray that causes serious temporary blindness, coughing, chocking and skin irritation – but only for the assailant! I tested out one of these bad boys to see its effects firsthand because let me tell you something: this is not just any old average pepper-spray you would find at your local Walgreens or CVS store. This stuff packs some major punch (pun intended). All in all, after taking my Can from its box and examining it up close and personal I was pleasantly surprised by how small yet effective this product turned out to be; however if anything were stolen during an attempted robbery then they have nothing on us when we pull our cans off their respective holsters

Product description: Cons 

The red portions of the can indicate “danger” zones. The nozzle on front and button in back that causes it to spray are both painted with a bright, vibrant color. It’s important not too point this at anything you won’t want sprayed because there is warnings stating so all around the side of the can! On top of these warnings, when trying to press down onto what should be an “on” switch for spraying (the red tab), I am met by another warning which states: Do not try pressing without lifting safety tab first! This black piece sits above where one would need to push-lift before being able to activate trigger…

The red parts show danger areas like nozzles or buttons while also indicating various other

The only spray that gives you a clean mouth, fresh breath and healthy teeth. 

I remember the day before I was about to take my test in school. There was a good breeze that seemed like it would be taking up some of the pepper spray, so instead of spraying into an unknown environment with no control over how much ended up where and potentially hurting myself or others because there is never enough space for me under all those other people’s desks anyway, I had taken my supplies (which are Devil Juice) straight outside.

The devil is in the details. 

I left one of the garage doors open and decided to simply spray down onto the pavement. With a can in hand, I flipped the black tab, turned my face away as far back as possible without gagging on toxic fumes from Devil Juice (which it turns out is just water), and pressed down hard on that red button after finding this sweet spot midway through several unsuccessful tries! The blast of fresh air cleared up any remaining confusion about what’s really going inside those cans, but all was forgiven when we saw how much better our lawn looked afterwards.

A few short seconds with the Devil Juice and I felt like a walking hand buzzer. The tingling or burning sensation in my nose quickly spread to my tongue, which became numb for about an hour after being exposed. It was only when I had finished all of our groceries that night while peeling sweet potatoes did it finally go away!

This is not just any pepper spray. This is Devil Juice. 

I had a runny nose for almost an hour. Hours later I could still detect the devil’s juice in the air, even though it was advertised to have an effective range of 6 feet. The pepper spray went as mist and not stream inside my garage that hours after opening up completely made me sneeze uncontrollably every couple minutes!

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When using pepper spray, be aware that there is a chance you might receive some on yourself. After use, wash your hands thoroughly before touching any sensitive parts of the body (eyes). Dawn dish soap will work well to break down the oily residue left behind by pepper spray and avoid irritation from coming in contact with it again.

Pepper spay can give off quite an intense sensation when sprayed onto someone else’s face or skin so make sure not to get too close while spraying them for self defense purposes! Furthermore after usage always remember to rinse out your eyes with water because sensitivity may develop afterwards due to exposure – this could also happen if they were exposed once again through touch so try rinsing beforehand as well just in case!

I’m not just a pretty face.

In a world where bad guys know they can get away with anything, it’s up to you and your pepper spray. This is not the “devil juice” of olden days but rather an affordable way for women (and men) who are serious about self-defense or have been trained by professionals how to use this in case their life depends on it! After all, if we’re talking survival situations like SHTF scenarios then nothing else will work as efficiently without physical contact than personal defense sprays that cause temporary blindness and skin irritation which causes attackers to retreat because they won’t be able to see what they’re doing. With its lightweight design there is no excuse not carry one always–in fact some people might even call them

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Capsaicin is a natural chemical found in peppers and chilis. It can be extracted, concentrated, and placed into aerosolized cans to act as an effective defense against threats. If you come across this agent it will cause irritation of the eyes, nose throat or lungs by causing an inflammatory reaction due to its intense spicy heat rating – 15 million SHU!

Pepper spray has no recorded fatalities and is legal in most states, but people should always check their local laws before purchasing or using.

Never worry about a can opener again.

When I first saw the pepper spray can, it looked like a regular old container; but then when you take off the cap and get to see what is actually inside- there were so many features that made this one of my favorite items for safety. A lot goes into protecting yourself from threats such as an attacker or someone who wants to cause harm in other ways because they want power over us just by hating on our skin color or sexual orientation alone.

Pepper sprays are especially harmful if people have underlying lung issues like asthma which makes sense considering how much more sensitive your lungs could be depending on conditions (i.e., high pollen count). This was not something that always occurred before things got out of hand between me and another person disagree

The only test you need to know about.

This compact personal defense spray is a winner in my book. The Devil Juice Pepper Spray emits an intense and effective mist that causes serious pain, temporary blindness, coughing,, chocking,. sneezing and skin irritation- all of which should be enough to make any would-be attacker reconsider their move. I have had experience with this product myself (I was able to defend myself using it) as well ask other people who use the same brand what they think about it: one person said “The Devil juice pepper spray has been very useful for me when dealing with animals around our house.” Another noted how important having some kind of protection like this on hand can be because you never know if or when something could happen. You are welcome to sound