CRKT Redemption Knife Review: Would We Buy This in 2020?

The CRKT Redemption Knife is an EDC knife that has the following features: a 3.2 inch drop point blade, G10 handle scales, and a pocket clip for easy carry. The CRKT Redemption Knife has been …

The CRKT Redemption Knife is an EDC knife that has the following features: a 3.2 inch drop point blade, G10 handle scales, and a pocket clip for easy carry. The CRKT Redemption Knife has been reviewed by many preppers as a great back-up knife to have around in case of emergencies or SHTF scenarios.

We would buy this knife in 2020 because it is lightweight and inexpensive with some extras such as the pocket clip which would be valuable if we needed to quickly stash it away while hiking through rough terrain or building shelter materials out of sticks and leaves. It’s also got enough steel to make quick work of any task at hand without being heavy on your beltline so you can move freely during those situations where

1. Why is it imperative to be prepared in 2020?

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2. Why can’t a person ever have enough knives or pieces of equipment for their survival kit?

3. Is the CRKT Redemption knife a good investment for someone that’s looking into getting themselves prepared in 2020?

4. What kind of features does the Redemption knife come with?

5. Do you feel that this particular model provides all-around functionality like a Swiss Army Knife would, and if not, how so or why not?

The CRKT Redemption is a large-bladed knife designed for cutting trees in Redwood and Sequoia National Forrests. This blade can be used to build an ultimate shelter too, all without requiring sharpening due to its size! If you are sensitive towards big blades of any kind then avoid this article.

I’ve always been happy with CRKT’s smaller tools so I decided to check out what they had in terms of large blades. After looking through their selection, I found the perfect blade for me! It has a razor-sharp edge and is durable enough that it won’t break on first use – even if you’re using it as an ax or hatchet.

I always have two fairly small knives on me at all times just because there are some tasks which require them. For example, food preparation doesn’t need anything more than a paring knife while skinning game requires much longer sharpness; hence why my larger blade will be used mainly during hunting trips instead of everyday carry (EDC).

The photo of the Redemption Knife had me convinced. The handle and blade were really well designed for heavy duty use, but what I loved most was that it looked so bad ass with a distinctive design on the side of both parts where you could see two goats’ heads facing each other in an expressionless face off. It also came with an awesome sheath that features high strength nylon exterior fitted with thermal inserts to keep your knife safe from fire or heat damage while not making it too bulky to carry around comfortably when outside during hunting season.

With a Velcro pocket, you can store your sharpening stone and fire rod with room to spare. This sheath has been great for me since I’ve had such issues in the past when inserting or removing my blade from its case; this one is smooth as silk!

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The shape of the sheath and blade can make it difficult to remove a knife after you’ve used it. The Redemption fits snugly in its own compartment, though, so removal is easy–no matter how many times I use this knife for camping tasks or hunting! Plus there are two loops on top that allow me to attach my belt with ease; one loop isn’t enough when I’m walking briskly up hillsides.

I don’t like having to worry about my knife slipping out of the sheath and getting caught on something when I’m walking, so I’ve added a few more safety features. The nylon strap can be tightened securely around one leg loop while it is clipped onto the bottom side of he sheath with another clip that wraps from underneath up over top tightens everything down making for an easy removal even if your hands are wet or dirty – which happens a lot in hunting season!

I always test the sharpness of a new knife by shaving hair from my arm. The Redemption was razor-sharp and shaved evenly, with no pulling or snagging at all!

The first thing I do when testing out a new knife is to see how well it can shave off some hairs on top of my hand. This habit comes from hearing stories about “old timers” who would check for this quality in blades back during their time – such as one story that tells about an unexpected encounter with hostile natives while traveling through Africa where they only had two knives between them so those knives were used sparingly but still needed to be kept extremely sharp. Luckily nowadays we don’t need our edges tested quite so much though there’s plenty more danger around these

I recently purchased a new knife and it had an uneven edge which was very frustrating. It seemed like the product I received wasn’t inspected properly before being sent out to me, so that’s why I contacted customer service immediately! Fortunately for me CRKT has one of the best customer services departments- they were quick in response time, helpful with getting my issue resolved and easy on their return policy as well. On closer inspection this particular blade is razor sharp from top to bottom – no chips missing at all (which sometimes happen when brand new knives are manufactured). In fact there seems to be really good quality control going down because none of these blades have any rough edges or jagged pieces either; everything just feels smooth and even throughout!

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The Redemption is the newest addition to TOPS Knives’ line of knives. It’s made with 01 tool steel and has a black powder coat finish that will prevent corrosion during your adventures in the wild. The blade measures 9½” long, 0¼” thick (at its widest point), and it comes razor sharp out-of-the box! With an HRC rating of 56 or 58, you can be confident that this knife would not disappoint even after hours at work on tough materials like bone or wood fiber board – though we do recommend keeping up on regular edge maintenance just as all other blades should maintain their edges if used often for tougher tasks are performed regularly such as self defense cutting through drywall studs).


The CRKT Redemption is a unique knife that offers one-of-a-kind features, such as the G10 handle and stainless steel blade. It slices through wood like butter when I tested it with my own hands!

I was afraid of the handle slipping, but that never happened. Although I had to fiddle with my hand placement a bit when splitting wood due to discomfort, I found an icky hold which enabled me for safe and comfortable chopping sessions!

The Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife is one of the best knives I’ve ever used. Whether you’re splitting wood or using it to baton through a log, this knife will deliver with ease and comfort. The contoured handle feels great in your hand when holding it tightly as well!

The tip of this knife did not break or become dull when I used it on a baton test. This is because the steel starts out as straight flat metal that goes to beveled at about halfway down the blade, and also if you notice there are cuts made into my wood here from where I was using this part of the knife.

The Redemption is an impressive knife. The handle was comfortable to grip and the blade felt secure in my hand while splitting wood during short term testing. I did notice a bit of wear on the spine after some time, but it’s not too much just yet so that should be alright for now!

After only splitting four or five pieces of wood, I was already questioning whether my blade could take a beating. This is not to say that the knife isn’t durable; it’s just something worth keeping in mind for those who are looking at this as their first survival tool and will be using it on hard objects like logs. After doing some research online, I found out that CRKT lists the Bushcrafter Knife with an MSRP of $300 but you can find one cheaper through Amazon if you’re interested.

The Redemption knife is a hybrid between the Bowie and kukri knives. The handle has no texture, which makes it difficult to grip when swinging with power because of its size. A sharpening rod would have been nice for this price point but also worth considering that there are many other factors in play like high quality steel or durable blade construction- features not found on every knife costing less than $100 . For those reasons I give it 3 out 5 stars, with an additional 1 star awarded just because you look so good while wielding such an expensive tool!

The knives that come with sheathes are the ones most susceptible to dulling. If they came with a sharpening system, it would be easier for people who own these types of knives and don’t want them to get too blunt over time.

The perfect knife is out there somewhere, but you have to find one that comes equipped with some sort of blade maintenance solution like an inbuilt stone or belt-sharpener so you can keep your blades good as new!