Civil Unrest Survival: A Quick Guide to Safety

Contents0.1 No one to call but us.0.2 In case of emergency, break glass.0.3 You’re in control.0.4 Keep your home, well… camouflaged.0.5 Smartphone App for Cashless Transactions1 The ultimate guide for how to survive civil unrest.1.1 …

You know what they say about preppers? That we’re paranoid, crazy, and waiting for the world to end. Well, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is! It’s been a while since anything major has happened in the US, but this could change at any moment. And if you’re not prepared yet then maybe it’s time you start listening to all those people who’ve been saying how important being ready can be. In this post I’ll give you some tips on how to survive civil unrests so that no matter what happens around us you’ll always have a plan of action.

No one to call but us.

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1. What are your thoughts on martial law and an ensuing police-state situation?

2. Do you think it is okay to have electricity as long as it is cut off at a certain time?

3. How many gallons of fresh drinking water should be stored for you and your family in the event of a natural disaster or apocalypse scenario?

4. Are preppers considered crazy or paranoid for preparing emergency kits, shelter, food, self defense weapons and other supplies in the event of such a situation arising?

5. When do some people know there’s something wrong headed towards their community – like an unseasonably-warm day or every single gadget going dead due to solar flare disruption?

Civil unrest can be one of the most unsettling emergencies to deal with. It’s widespread, localized and highly unpredictable in all its forms. Navigating an environment taken over by civil unrest is a fine line between acting normally amongst civilized society or dealing with those that just want to see this world burn–quick navigation on how do it below!

In case of emergency, break glass.

Civil Unrest: How To Survive!!

The reason I bring this up is that it has become a lost skill largely due to the addition of smartphones in our daily lives. For example, how many times have you seen someone walking down the sidewalk or stairs, completely focused on taking a picture and not paying attention? When put like that I think you can see why people should be more aware of what’s going on around them. To go one step further as it pertains to civil unrest; follow your gut and pay attention when something seems off.

You’re in control.

There are many times in life when you can spot a dangerous situation before it becomes problematic and sometimes those cues might be glaringly obvious. It is important that we don’t ignore these warning signs no matter where they take place whether its at home, the library or out on public transportation. Knowing your exit routes should always come naturally to us but knowing what exits will work for different situations is just as crucial because not every emergency requires taking shelter inside an enclosed area with limited resources like doors or windows. For example breaking through a window may give someone the opportunity to escape from their attacker if needed rather than waiting around until something bad happens which could lead them into more danger such as being stabbed by scissors while trying to get away

Keep your home, well… camouflaged.

Never underestimate the power of social media to help you deal with civil unrest. Avoid visiting any institutions that might make your family in danger, like police stations or post offices. You can always conduct business over the internet and phone instead!

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The police are trying to keep people out of the dangerous areas, and there may be a curfew at night. If you’re not sure what certain things mean in your neighborhood or city, ask an adult for more information about it before doing anything else!

When you’re driving and see a group of people blocking your path, don’t stop! If they are on the left side of the street/road then turn right. For any other direction that is blocked by these militants, continue to drive as far ahead as possible in order get past them- this will also prevent them from getting onto or into your vehicle if they manage to reach it before you do! These militant extremists want nothing more than for us not only be stranded but injured too; so keep going until there’s an opening somewhere else where we can escape their dangerous attention online

The ultimate guide for how to survive civil unrest.

Terrorist groups such as ISIS have been using what have now become known colloquially among law enforcement officers across America called ‘rolling blockades’ which consist simply

Don’t wait to be told what to do.

You can protect your home by disguising the remnants of a previous attack. Have some boards, trash and broken items around to make it seem like you’ve already been attacked so that rioters will think twice about attacking again.

Say what you want without offending anyone.

Sheets of plywood, 2×4’s, nails and screws are all important tools in fortifying the home to protect against potential threats. This article goes into more detail about how homeowners can prepare for civil unrest with their homes by looking at a few different aspects that will help them stay safe during times where banks may be unavailable or electricity is out making electronic transactions impossible. That means carrying cash around so you’ll always have access to goods as well as being able to escape if needed; this article covers what else you should know when it comes down t survival preparation such as food storage because like anything having enough on hand could save your life one day from hunger pangs!

Sheet boards, lumber pieces and other materials necessary for blocking off

An app that monitors what’s happening in your area, so you don’t have to.

Civil unrest is a frightening and often unpredictable event. It can affect many aspects of life, including access to basic services such as food or power for weeks on end. I recommend that you have the following items in your emergency kit: plenty of water bottles, canned goods with long-lasting expiration dates like beans or tuna fish cans (don’t forget some forks), first aid kits containing bandages and antiseptics, batteries which will be needed if there’s no more electricity coming from the grid, toiletries like toothpaste/toothbrush/shampoo so all surfaces are clean when it comes time to shave those pesky 5 o’clock shadows off which could come about due to limited showers during this trying period – last but not least don’t

Know when it’s time to get out.

Your mother always told you to not talk about politics and religion with strangers. But when it comes time for a revolution, those same people are the ones who will come knocking on your door looking for refuge from oppression. And if they refuse them asylum? They may end up being executed in gruesome fashion just because of their opinions or political standings against whoever is at risk. This could be very traumatizing especially since tensions have never been higher during civil unrest than ever before–you don’t know who’s actually trustworthy anymore! It might be best to keep an eye out so that nothing happens without warning even then there are still risks involved considering how everything seems like high stakes now: whether death has become imminent through physical abuse or by coming into contact with weapons such

Be prepared to be self-sufficient.

No one is safe from violence. It can happen anywhere, anytime – it doesn’t discriminate! To keep yourself and those you love protected, a plan needs to be in place where you’re able to defend yourselves against the outside force that may come your way. So what are some ways we can do this? One of them being security cameras around both our house as well as near areas with high traffic such as schools or businesses for example; another could be by having guns on standby so if something occurs then they’ll have an immediate response ready which will make sure everyone’s safety gets taken care off! That wraps up everything we need to know about defending ourselves versus the outside forces at times like these – all I’ve got left now is a