Camillus Carnivore Machete Review for 2020

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You’re looking for a tactical tool that can be used to clear brush and chop up some wood? Well, the Camillus Carnivore Machete might just be what you need. The blade is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel with a long tapered point. It’s made in the USA and comes with a sheath that locks into place on your belt loop. You’ll also get an extra sharpening stone so you can keep it razor sharp at all times!

1. Do you think having the Carnivore is a must have knife?

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3. What are your thoughts on other knives that have similar specs?

At the Intersection of Technology and Media

There are different types of knives for a reason. Knives have been perfected over centuries to be what they need to be, and there is an expert behind every design choice made in the process. So when you mix two categories together with one knife that can’t quite do everything well (like the Camillus Carnivore), compromises must inevitably happen which will limit your use options within those constraints.

In 1896, the Camillus Knife Company was established. The company has supplied military contracts since its inception and is most famously known for supplying U.S Forces with pocket knives during World War II when they were cut off from their usual imports supply chain due to rationing of steel which led them to develop a four-blade folder that would be used by many soldiers on both sides in need of cutting implements while still being lightweight enough not to slow down troops too much or weigh them down unnecessarily even though it had more features than your typical army issue utility knife!


The Camillus Carnivore Review: Unlike other companies who may push an All American image but can’t claim all American made products (due mostly thanks in part because some components are imported

As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” This is no exception. A Camillus blade can be found in nearly every hunting and fishing trailer across America to this day. The company was established a century ago by Charles Fenno Winchester – better known as Colonel John Henry Parker’s son-in-law who married him just before his death from tuberculosis at age 34. After all these years of designing knives with military precision, it would seem that their blades are still some of the best out there when it comes time to skin an animal or cut through tough branches on your hike back home after successfully bagging that prize buck deer during rifle season.

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The Acme United Corporation bought Camillus in 2009 rolling them into their

Forget your steak knives – this knife will cut them up in a jiffy.

Last update on 2021-06-08 at 19:12 / Affiliate links, images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Knife like Thing. The Camillus Carnivore is a knife with the qualities of both long and short blades incorporated into one piece to be used for different purposes as needed. This blade uses high quality steel that can easily endure anything you throw its way in terms of cutting or chopping tasks during your next outdoor adventure while still being easy enough to sharpen when dulled after some time out there trying not get eaten by something icky…

World’s coolest gadget for the world’s most creative cooks.

Stainless steels are not as malleable and do not like to be sharpened as much. A good example is the Camillus Carnivore which has an inexpensive Titanium bonded edge for added protection against wear.

While the Camillus Carnivore might not be a long-term survival knife, it’s more than enough for most tasks you’ll need to accomplish in day-to-day life. And while this isn’t an expensive blade at $25 or below (depending on where and when you purchase), don’t expect anything with the handle; that is what sets these knives apart from higher priced ones like Buck Knives’ 110FP limited edition hunting series which have handles made of stag antler and high quality steel blades.

The Carnivore is a hard plastic grip that can take on any pounding. The tail section ensures all the force goes straight to the blade, meaning you’ll never have an inaccurate hit while wielding this powerful tool in your hand. It has everything from sharp edges, gut hooks and cord cutters as well as serrated saws for cutting through tough material with ease!

When you think about it, the Camillus Carnivore is an interesting knife. Not only does its stainless steel blade stay sharp longer than those of more expensive knives but a blade can be bent up to 90 degrees without snapping or giving out like other blades might if they were used for prying tasks. But that very tip has created some issues in the past–remember when I mentioned how this type of alloy was less durable? Well many people have found themselves buying one too soon and bending their own prybar with just enough force so as to snap off part of their valuable knife’s handle and lopping stars (aka bad reviews) from both ends at once!

Camillus Carnivore is a blunt-nosed long beaked cutting/chopping tool that provides the users with a solid prying surface. The case of this product has proven to be very durable, so it does not have any flaws in its design and workmanship as well.


The Camillus Carnivore was designed by military personnel for US Navy SEALs (Sea Air Land) who needed an all purpose field knife because they are on highly specialized missions where every situation can vary from day to day or week to week; hence one type of blade may not suffice for their needs at hand. Hence why the designer made sure there would always be something extra handy when you need it most!

The weight, balance and blade forward design of the Camillus Carnivore makes it a top contender when chopping wood. The sawback that has been designed into this knife also does surprisingly well as a handsaw for cutting through tough objects like pine logs or branches with ease. It can be carried on your belt to make quick work at camp building tasks without having to lug around bulky tools in you bug out bag- just grab one of these knives from their sheath and get started!

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For those who know they want a knife that can do more than just cut well, there is the Camillus Carnivore. This stainless steel blade will not dull as easily and it has serrated edges for cutting through tough meats with ease. It also features an ergonomic handle so you don’t have to worry about slipping when your hands are wet or slippery from oils used in cooking meat.


For many years now, knives were only made of materials like wood and metal while today we see variation such as rubberized handles which make them easier on our skin but still offer durability against moisture icky fingers may leave behind; lightweight models for children’s smaller hands; non-stick blades crafted with ceramic coatings making food release easy without leaving residue