Building a Hunting Survival Kit: 15 Must-Have Items, and How-To

Contents1 The best hunting survival kit on the market. 2 Wrap it up in style.2.1 We deliver, you eat. 2.2 The only communication service you’ll need. 2.3 Find Your Style2.4 It does it all. 2.5 We’re cordage but we’re …

The best hunting survival kit on the market. 

Welcome to the prepper’s guide to building a hunting survival kit. This guide will show you 15 items that any hunter should have in their kit at all times, as well as how-to information for each item. You never know what could happen out there, so it’s best to be prepared!

Wrap it up in style.

This blog post also includes an infographic on the top 5 things every hunter needs in their survival kit. Simply click on the picture of the bug-out bag below and it will take you to a larger version where you can zoom in and read more about each product needed for your survival kit. Happy Hunting!

1. What are the most critical hunting items you should always keep on-hand?

2. What are some of the top hazards that may impact or challenge your hunting expeditions?

3. Which direction is North and how do you find it at night with just a moonlit sky for illumination?

4. Is it safe to hunt as a lone wolf, or should I organize my hunting group ahead of time to cover everything more efficiently?

5. How can equipment failures be prevented when venturing into wild territory for extended periods on end?

6. What’s the correct way of building a shelter out in the wilderness in order to avoid being detected by predators?

We deliver, you eat. 

I was never prepared for anything when I went hunting as a child. When my dad would take me out, he wouldn’t even give me a weapon to defend myself if we got attacked by an animal or person of some sort. Recently, after reading about the experiences of others and having firsthand encounters with nature that have put things into perspective for me – like 100 yards isn’t really far enough away from your safety zone in order to feel secure – I realized that carrying around emergency supplies is essential now more than ever before. Time will tell how often these items prove useful but so far it feels nice just knowing they are there should the need arise again someday…

The only communication service you’ll need. 

I remember feeling unsafe on those hunts because back then none of us carried survival

It is always best to be prepared for any situation, but some hunters go into really remote locations where help can take hours or sometimes even days. If you are hunting on a friend’s farm, public land with country roads surrounding it, or in the middle of nowhere wilderness – no matter what location you’re in- water and filtering gear should never be left at home!

Find Your Style

Hunters often venture out into extremely remote areas that have little access to assistance if something were to happen which means hydration becomes more important than ever before. Hunting requires physical exertion so staying well hydrated throughout your hunt will keep both stamina up and energy levels high during long treks through rough terrain while carrying heavy equipment such as backpacks containing all the necessary items including

One of the most important items to take on a hunting trip is water. You can choose between carrying bottled or canned beverages, using metal cups and bowls in which to collect rainwater, or even investing in filters that will make dirty water more cleanable. However you go about getting hydrated before beginning your hunt for game animals like deer with bows and arrows, coyotes from an ATV platform shoot-out station – it’s crucial not only because thirst can lead one into poor decision making but if we were any indication as to how well our bodies work without enough fluids then dehydration would be fatal! Therefore don’t forget this vital necessity when packing up some snacks so you’ll have energy while filling the freezer at home once again!

It does it all. 

Hunters are often in need of snacks to keep their energy up. Freeze-dried food is a great option because it’s lightweight, easy to cook and tastes delicious! But if you don’t want the hassle of cooking then at least pack some trail mixes or nuts as well as emergency food bars for quick access. Finally, make sure your survival kit includes a fishing kit so that no matter what happens there will be an endless supply of fish when needed most!

Fishing kits, even robust ones are not bulky and take up little space. I recommend always carrying one with you if fishing is not on your agenda but it may be needed for gear repair or other purposes such as trapping. Paracord can serve a variety of functions from repairing broken items to building shelters and making traps; its uses go without saying! Alongside first aid supplies in every survival kit should be plenty of bandaging material like gauze pads that will come at handy during any situation when injuries occur.

We’re cordage but we’re not a bore. 

For those who take up the sporting hobby of hunting, there are three things to keep in mind. Hunters usually travel long distances on foot by themselves and may be injured without assistance around for miles – which means that they need extra ammunition as well. The amount you pack will vary from person-to-person but I recommend more than just what’s needed because it is a big task if one has no back up rounds should an emergency arise while out alone with nothing at hand save for their rifle or bow