Bug Out Bag Documents: 13 Most Important Papers to Include

The best thing about prepping is that you never know when the day will come where your home or work place becomes unsafe. You can’t stop it from happening, but you can be prepared for …

The best thing about prepping is that you never know when the day will come where your home or work place becomes unsafe. You can’t stop it from happening, but you can be prepared for it by having a bug out bag ready to go at all times. The only problem with this plan is that most of us forget to include important documents in our bags and find ourselves stranded without any identification or money, which makes it difficult to survive on the run. Don’t let this happen! Keep these 13 papers in your bug out bag so you’re always prepared:

1) Birth Certificate 2) Social Security Card 3) Driver’s License 4) Passport 5) Marriage/Divorce Papers 6) Medical Records 7) W

1. ID

2. Social Security Card

3. Birth Certificates (Children)

4. Documents reflecting likely future obligations such as mortgage, auto loan or lease, credit card debt, student loans

5. Marriage and Divorce Certificates

6. Power of Attorney document appointing an agent if you cannot act for yourself in legal matters

7. Bank account numbers and account holder name(s) including where the money should be sent if you die before them – plus insurance information on bank accounts and policies naming beneficiaries to cover death benefits for those who are named as life insurance beneficiaries, children’s guardianship in the event of your death before they reach adulthood, use of beneficiary funds issued from retirement plans

One of the most important things to have when bugging out is an emergency kit. This includes a first aid kit, food and water supplies, some form of shelter (tent or tarps), clothing for all seasons – just in case you’re not able to find what you need locally- maps including topographical ones so that if your way home isn’t accessible anymore then at least there’s resourceful directions on how to get back into society again. But one thing people often forget about are documents! It can be difficult sometimes but make copies of any documentations that might be really hard or impossible for us as humans today without being connected with computers: passports and visas; driving licenses; birth certificates etcetera)

Think about it this

Now, I should start by saying that while these documents could come in handy during an emergency, having them all in one place such as a bag that could be easily stolen does pose a security risk. It may be better to have copies available at home and not just stored on site for your safety. But again this is up to you so here are some important document which should always go with bugout supplies:

The best way to wrap, pack and organize all your stuff.

But Out Bag Documents

– ID cards or passports (or both) – Social Security card(s)

)- Driver’s license(s) – Birth certificates (if applicable). Tip:Remember to include everyone who will need access into the safe if there was ever an emergency of evacuation needed!

Your Bug Out Bag: What to Include.

The Bag that Keeps on Giving

It should be no surprise that a bug-out bag is one of the most important pieces of survival gear you can own or buy! A BOB (bug out bag) is designed for short term use when leaving your home in an emergency and may include items such as extra clothes, food, water, first aid materials etc… Some people have their packs ready at all times so they are able to grab it on a moments notice if need arises while others wait until there’s actually imminent danger before preparing theirs. Even those who only make provisions with supplies after immediacy strikes will usually still keep some kind of kit handy because even though disaster has not yet struck you’re never really “safe

A recent study of the aftermath from a deadly gas attack found that nearly every person who was killed in one city had their government-issued ID on them. If it is necessary to evacuate, having identification with you at all times will be essential for getting help and providing relief quickly after an event has occurred.

The government is a lot more interested in your bag than you might think. But it’s not because of what items are inside, but rather how the contents can be used against you if stolen or lost. If someone were to steal one article from my bug out kit and they had access to all the other documents on their own then that could lead them right back into my home at any time!

You never know when you may need documentation to prove your legal matter. However, if a personal bugout bag is also needed then it might be useful to pack emergency documents like those in the above list so that they’re always on hand and accessible for whatever situation arises.

What other types of paperwork would you recommend people put into their resource kits? Leave us a comment below!