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Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not here to waste your time. You know the drill. This is a blog post about bug in contingencies- how to prepare for an emergency when you’re already at home (which could be anywhere from rural Montana to New York City). The answer is simple: we can’t say it enough- have a plan! Bugging out might seem like the best option but there are many dangers that await you outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you don’t want to leave with nothing more than what’s on your back, or maybe you live in one of those “this never happens” places where everything will go smoothly if something bad does happen…but just in case it doesn’t, let’s discuss some things

1. What are your thoughts on the idea of a bug in contingencies?

2. Is there an event you believe would cause mass panic to occur?

3. Do you think that people can avoid such an event if they’re prepared for it with food, water, and medications like antibiotics or vaccines?

4. I want to prepare my family for worst-case scenario where people start acting crazy because of hunger, thirst, lack of access to facilities like bathrooms, medical attention etc… What should I do?

5. How will my family prepare for different types of natural disasters (hurricane, earthquake)?

In the days leading up to Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, I remember keeping an eye on my local grocery stores. As soon as it was announced that a hurricane had been deemed likely territory for New Orleans, they were immediately picked clean like vultures working a car crash scene. One day before things would get really bad in our town and 150 miles away from where this national disaster hit first-hand, all of us locals felt its impact firsthand just by visiting these once thriving supermarkets with empty shelves waiting to be filled again one day when everything goes back to normal eventually…

The store was so empty and desolate. There wasn’t a single shelf that had anything on it, but I could tell the employees were trying their best to clean up some of the mess from months ago when people started panicking about not having food for themselves or their families.


Providing the best of everything for your survival needs.

Survival SHTF

In the weeks prior to Hurricane Katrina, many people were evacuating in fear of what was coming their way. The panic shoppers had left stores with only a handful of shopping carts and no more goods on shelves than they could carry home by foot or bicycle. Stores closed down early due to lack of electricity for refrigeration as well as other factors that would affect store operations during post-storm recovery efforts if it proved necessary.

You never know when something like this might happen again so you need be prepared now! We learned our lesson from ten years ago: we must always plan ahead whether its just an evacuation, hurricane, earthquake – whatever natural disaster may come your way because time is not necessarily on your side…

People from all over the country were fleeing their homes in a hurry, and they came to New Orleans. Every motel room was taken soon after we opened them up for sheltering people so local restaurants were also overwhelmed by hungry refugees – many had never seen such an exodus before. The fairgrounds building became our makeshift refugee camp where supplies of food, water, clothing as well as medical care could be provided on site. After weeks went past it looked like garbage day at the Super Dome during Hurricane Katrina but only smaller scale because this disaster wasn’t nationwide.

The only bug repellent that’s safe for the whole family

One of the many difficulties that came with this influx was crime. All over, those who were feeling taken advantage of would come forward to talk about robberies and other crimes by people they had met through government-sponsored relief efforts. Criminal activity quickly became a major concern for law enforcement agencies in Florida as well as volunteers from all different areas coming down there – both for their safety and because it left an overall sour taste among citizens when any sort of criminal behavior happened anywhere near them or on some property where they could see signs vandalizing buildings saying “refugees welcome.”

One group that found themselves at risk more often than others was construction crews working closer to refugee campsites without much protection; these men have even been stabbed multiple times due to theft

Best Survival Bug Out Bag

Sometimes the aftermath of a SHTF can be worse than what actually happens during it. In my own case, we were lucky to have gone five days without power in August when temperatures went over 100 degrees and all I had was my family watching out for each other while our neighbors helped us maintain control over everything that mattered most – like food and water supply as well as any looters who might come by looking for an easy target.

Make sure no one is home when you’re not.

I sat outside on the porch for days, making sure that any truck with out-of state license plates would be deterred. I hope so at least! The AR was in my lap and by sitting there it made me feel safer from potential intruders or a government raid of some sort. There’s something special about home assessment…you need to do this before you bug out so your safe when disaster strikes

The best way to keep your house safe from break-ins is by knowing what are the entry points. Look around you and see how many different ways there can be a point of access into your home, such as windows on the ground floor or rear door if it’s not completely blocked off. These are all weak spots that burglars will try to exploit at some time in their search for easy targets so make sure they’re secure with window guards – especially sliding ones!

The option to shoot them out is available, but these jacks will be prepared for that with gas powered disk saws. These very talented thieves can cut through an aluminum garage door or a steel home in seconds and use other ways of entry as well like the roof, window frames and sidewalls.

Protecting your home is easier said than done. Some tips are to never let anyone in, even if they’re a friend of yours or family members you know and trust can be difficult with the right planning. One way to do this it by posting signs outside reading “No one’s Home!” which may scare potential burglars away due to their fear that someone could potentially shoot them when they break in – not worth dying for something as small as money, so no risk would lead them back again

If SHTF, it would be wise to paint a “SECURED” sign on the outside of your house. This will let people know that you are not home and help deter intruders. Another thing is to only have one exit out of the property during any search for food or water so as not to draw attention from outsiders in need themselves.

The two schools of thought on what is the best way to bug in are whether or not you want your location visible from far away. The first approach, showing a presence armed at all times indicates that someone is waiting for rescue and can help others who may need it when they come looking; while maintaining discreet lack of visibility conveys an air of safety because no one knows where you live if there’s been some kind disaster like SHTF (or something). Which side do I fall under? You tell me!

I think maybe we all hope whatever kind of a SHTF occurs, that at some point, hopefully sooner than later, the public will be calm and doing their best to return normalcy. If you are optimistic about this happening then plan on sustaining your family for a minimum of one month or if not so hopeful in humanity’s future consider six months. I cannot imagine how much efficiency is needed to manage supplies as well when it comes down to living through an emergency situation like this – from food and water depending on where you live potentially right up until medical care (assuming there are hospitals left). Perhaps I am self-deluding here? What say you? Related: Breaking The Law When The SHTF

I recall when attending the University of Missouri back in the late 60s and 70s that they had emergency supplies stored all over campus. Huge drums of food, water, shelter materials–basically everything you might need to survive a nuclear attack with NBC weaponry were stockpiled underground at my old school. I used to study there for hours on end just knowing it was only through luck or divine intervention if this place made it past World War III intact! And granted, these preparations would be enough for say 25 people…but not nearly so many more like me who will surely come flooding your way after something big goes down

The best way to prepare for a disaster is by stocking up on canned goods. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s hearty and nutritious with plenty of vitamins so that you can survive the aftermath. There are also many different options when choosing food containers—plastic tubs, cardboard cases or cans like MRE packages where there’s even more variety in types of foods available such as beans and other commercial items which will cost significantly less than buying bulk quantities from grocery stores but still provide nutrients necessary during SHTF situations

Imagine yourself the person in charge of preparing for a natural disaster. In order to keep your loved ones alive, you have to take into account many things such as water and food supply when making decisions on what foods are most important. If there is no drinking water available or if it’s not safe enough to drink then storing large quantities becomes even more difficult because milk jugs that normally would be used for this purpose cannot hold gallons worth of clean drinking water without popping open!

Filling up bathtubs to prepare for a storm is not the only way of staying prepared. After TSHTF, it would be beneficial to maintain some water supplies in plastic bottles and rotate them by purchase date. A friend who has an abundance of bottled water says he doesn’t know how long they’ll last but at least that’s something!

Now, make a list of all the other supplies you might need besides food and water. A starting list might include medicines, OTC items, paper products, candles for light during power outages or blackouts in winter months (it’s important to have enough fuel wood on hand), cell batteries if they’re not rechargeable with solar panels such as laptop computers running wireless networks; medical/first aid kits containing emergency medications like aspirin and antibiotics that last longer than over-the-counter drugs; extra eyeglasses so those who depend upon them don’t find themselves without any when theirs break after long use from work activities around home–even people who wear contact lenses should also pack an eye glass kit just in case their contacts dry up because

It is important to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. If you are reading this article, chances are you have been thinking about preparing yourself in case of a disaster situation. For some people it might seem like that’s not necessary because they believe their home can serve as an impenetrable shield from any potential troublemakers or invaders – but think again!

You may feel safe at first if no one knows where your bug-in location is, but there will come times when someone does figure out where you live and what resources could potentially lie inside with nowhere else to go: You’re screwed unless you get creative real quick!

Best Bug Out House

We’re all in this together.

After a crisis, the people will be forced to fend for themselves. They may turn on each other in order to survive or they might find companionship with looting groups such as scavangers who are likely going through their neighborhoods and robbing anything of value from homes and businesses alike. These scavengers could come into your community too; act now by preparing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally – you won’t know what’s coming until it arrives!

SHTF Survival

We’ll tell you if we can afford a home.

You always need to be prepared for an emergency, but it’s hard to predict when they’ll happen. Like natural disasters like a storm or tornado which can damage your property and give you dangerous situations in the form of flooding or fires, societal collapses such as Ferguson are more difficult because they go from nothing bad happening all at once until suddenly there is no law enforcement left with riots breaking out everywhere. Preparation may create anxiety about what could happen if something terrible did actually occur; however by taking this precautionary measure we would know that whatever happened then was not our fault- everything had already been done beforehand just in case!

We sometimes see things coming before them through careful observation and forecasting weather patterns etc., while other events come so quickly without warning