Book Review: When All Hell Breaks Loose

Contents1 One of the original basics brands.2 No one likes you.3 Smart-thinking and witty.4 No one can speak to the power of a book like that author.5 Keep Your Eyes Open and Stay Alive. One …

One of the original basics brands.

It’s been said that when all hell breaks loose, the only thing left to do is laugh. One way you can prepare for this inevitable event is by reading When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes, a new book on prepping and survival from amazing author Dave Canterbury. In his latest work of nonfiction he covers everything from how to deal with zombies (yes, I know they’re not real) and nuclear fallout (again, not likely) in order to help get your mind prepared for what might happen one day in the future where we are forced into living without modern conveniences like electricity or running water.

1. The book begins with large earthquakes hitting the west coast of the US. One of the first-responders is a man named Dave who lives in Idaho. What do you think he should do?

2. The book speaks much about preppers and potential apocalypse survivors with plenty of tips on how to live in hardship conditions, but what if SHTF (shits hits the fan)?

3. Can you think of an apocalypse scenario which involves our economic system collapsing and those who are still alive need to learn quickly find new ways to provide for their survival?

4. In this type of situation, even though it may be “just study stuff,” is there any real-life equivalent we can study to ascertain what will

No one likes you.

Lundin’s approach to the serious subject of disaster is light-hearted and entertaining, making it a fun book that you can read like fiction. The first addition was published in 2007 with updates coming out every few years since then.

The author of this book, Cody Lundin, has a sense of humor and is able to write in an easy-to-understand style. The 450 pages are crammed full with information on how you can survive the apocalypse or any other scenario where people might need assistance like natural disasters such as earthquakes. It starts off by giving common knowledge about what your survival plan should be based upon before providing physical preps and gear for when disaster strikes because it will happen sooner than later!

Smart-thinking and witty.

In his fascinating and engaging TED Talk, Tom Brown shares lessons from a lifetime of experience that cover everything you need to know about living off the grid. His Aboriginal Living Skills School has been featured in numerous major outlets including The Today Show, Fox News, CBS News USA TODAY CNN THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL FIELD AND STREAM magazine among others!

The book is filled with practical survival tips, but my favorite part of it all has to be the water chapter. Author Lundin provides you with lots of cool facts on how to purify and conserve your drinking supply in case a crisis ever strikes. He also gives some unconventional ideas for harnessing water that’s often overlooked like rainwater or puddles!

No one can speak to the power of a book like that author.

In his book, Dr. Foresman provides a really cool recipe for homemade rehydration solution, discusses various storage containers and how to keep your water fresh longer. He also touches on the importance of storing enough drinking water before emergencies happen–something I’m going to start doing now! One thing he doesn’t mention is that you should store an additional gallon per day in case something happens while you’re at work or school. This was my major dislike with this book because it’s so important not only what type of container but also how much liquid one has stored when disaster strikes-such as hurricanes Katrina/Rita which caused untold death by dehydration from lack of potable fluids readily available after the storm passed through our area last year alone

When All Hell Breaks Loose is a book about the survival necessities every household should have in case of disaster. Written by Cody Lundin, this helpful guide includes information on cooking food with limited resources and how to prepare makeshift clothing out of old sheets or curtains. This informative read will keep you safe no matter what happens!

Keep Your Eyes Open and Stay Alive.

I would say that If All Hell Breaks Loose is an invaluable addition to any survival library because it provides people with important knowledge for when disaster strikes without warning such as how they can cook their own meals using only available materials and fashion clothes from scrap material like torn up bedsheets or curtains if necessary. The author also stresses that certain items are essential so one doesn’t need experience living off-the-