Book Review: Adrift, Seventy Six Days Lost at Sea

Contents1 Go hands free while you explore the world.2 If you can’t take it with you, make sure you have the knowledge to get back.3 Prepare for tomorrow, today.4 Your one-stop shop for all things …

Go hands free while you explore the world.

In September of 2013, Jose Salvador Alvarenga set out on a fishing trip from Mexico to El Salvador. What should have been a routine and uneventful journey turned into the most harrowing experience of his life when he found himself lost at sea for over four months. He was lucky enough to be rescued in early January 2014 but what happened during those 76 days is one that will never be forgotten by anyone who reads this book.

1. Does the book describe any specific tactics for surviving crisis scenarios?

2. Did you learn anything new about survival from the book?

3. What did you think of the author’s desire to tell his story and why this particular one was chosen above all others as a worthy subject for publication? 2

If you can’t take it with you, make sure you have the knowledge to get back.

Adrift is an engaging and intriguing story about a man who was thrown into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to survive on his own. He had no formal training in survival, but did have some knowledge from reading books by other authors. His boat sinks at sea with him onboard and he has only minutes before it goes under beneath him so he quickly scoops up all that can buoy himself: life jacket, knife for whittling wood for fire-making purposes, water jug – just enough supplies to last until help arrives or death do them part!

As Steve Callahan’s small sailboat sunk below waves during rough weather in the middle of nowhere off Florida Keys islands coastlines (Atlantic), this resourceful adventurer found himself fighting hunger pangs

Survivalism and prepping are as important today as they were back in 1982. Steve Callahan is the man who proves this point well with his 76 days lost at sea story. Even people without interest in sailing or boating can appreciate what he went through for us all; a lesson that will go down on record for anyone looking to survive after disaster strikes ills their home, no matter when it happens! The book starts off with an inspiring dedication- “This book is dedicated to everyone everywhere who know, has known, or could know suffering.” What follows next are things we never want our loved ones – old and young alike -to experience: desperation of being stranded out at sea blinded by salt water so intense you couldn’t see

His boat was battered by the waves, and he faced all of those dangers alone. The winds were howling so loudly that they drowned out any noise from his deteriorating ship as it started to come apart (sometimes even in midsentence). For hours on end while stranded at sea during a storm, he clung onto anything solid enough for him not to be swept away into the ocean depths with every wave crash. There wasn’t much space left in his cramped quarters when water had begun seeping through gaps between boards or crevices around windows where strong gusts ripped them open mercilessly before slamming the doors shut again–only this time closer together than ever before…

He decides to take a break from this work and design and build an

Steve is about to drown when he breaks free of his sinking boat and grabs what he can before it sinks into the black-icy water; luckily, Steve’s self prepped Bug Out Bag contains goodies including a small spear gun that saves his life.

Prepare for tomorrow, today.

For the next 76 days Steve battles sharks, weather, a lack of food and water while naked in his 6 ft. rubber raft in the middle of Atlantic Ocean! It rains every night for 76 nights so he is left soaking wet all day long (I wonder if he had sunscreen?). Lessons to be Learned: Get Packed and Be Ready; Spread Loads. Luckily for him his Bug Out Bag was packed with everything that he would need when disaster struck – including sunglasses which protected from sunburn during storms at sea!

Steve did not just rely on the emergency products that came with his life raft. He had packed some of the same items in his Bug Out Bag, and it saved him! For example, one of my favorite sayings is “If you buy cheap…you buy twice” – but when we’re talking about survival situations: no matter your bug out bag’s contents; test them before they need to be used for real!

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Estimating how much food and water you will need in an emergency situation is very important. In a survivalist’s worst-case scenario, they might only have 10 days worth of supplies to last them through it all – but there are always exceptions like Steve who was out for 76 day with just enough provisions that he had the time to catch his own food and make fresh drinking water from natural resources. As long as your basics needs can be met during this kind of extended crisis, then other things such as guns