Bicycle Survival Kit: 9 Items to Include, How To Carry

I know what you’re thinking: “What? Bike survival kit?” You might be wondering how a bike could possibly help in an emergency and I’ll admit, it’s not the most common solution. But if you think about it, bicycles are lightweight and can go just about anywhere there is a path or road. Plus they don’t require fuel! If we have to bug out of our homes due to natural disasters, riots or any other kind of emergency, then we might need bikes more than anything else. A bicycle survival kit should include these 9 items that will make your ride safer and easier! *insert list*

1. Emergency water: preppers should have two days of emergency water per person

2. Food: the type of food varies depending on the climate and geographic location

3. Necessary medication to address any preexisting medical problems, and first-aid supplies

4. Tool: a bike toolkit, at minimum; this shouldn’t take up much space or weight

5. Flashlight with fresh batteries that won’t run out

6. Seasonal clothing including gloves or an extra hat for colder climates

7. Cash stored in a small waterproof container (a film canister is ideal) in case it’s needed for an emergency purchase of necessities like food, gas, or shelter

8. Phone

Bryan grew up in the Midwest and spent every waking moment outdoors, from hunting to fishing. He learned how to be self-reliant with activities like reading land for animal tracks while also developing a passion for preparedness through learning about emergency situations such as floods or blizzards. Eventually he combined his passions of writing, camping/hiking, and being outside into books that are aimed at teaching others how they can enjoy these things without fear.

Bryan’s first book is Swiss Army Knife Camping

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