Best Scopes for 30-30 Lever-Action Rifles: Top 5 Picks

As a prepper, you are always looking for the best gear to have on hand. One of those items is scopes. We know that when SHTF (sh*t hits the fan), we will need all the help and protection we can get. When it comes to protecting ourselves from long-range attacks, having a good scope is essential in making sure our shots go true and straight to the target. Check out this list of five different scopes that are perfect for your 30-30 lever-action rifle!

Hear a deer sneaking up on you from 600 yards away and shoot it with your 30-30.

1) Hawke 3×32 IR Compact Riflescope with P3 Reticle: This scope has an integrated red dot sight which makes aiming quicker and more accurate no matter what time of day it is or

1. What is the best scope to mount on my 30-30 lever action rifle?

2. I’m looking for a cheap but still reliable 30x telescope: which one would you pick?

3. Other than deer hunting, what are other plausible uses of a lever-action rifle?

4. How far can I shoot with a Winchester Model 94 in .30WCF (30-30)?

5. Which optic mounts do you think will be the most durable on my lever action rifle barrel?

The 30-30 lever action rifles are arguably one of the most popular hunting rifles in the US. The dependable and rugged rifle is loved by many hunters, making this a great choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities like camping or hiking. Gun owners often choose to hunt smaller animals with these guns because they’re considered more humane than larger firearms that might wound an animal before it dies due to blood loss from being shot at close range (for example). For those looking for high accuracy on their gun while hunting small game such as rabbits, turkeys, squirrels etc., choosing between different calibers isn’t necessary thanks to its optimal capability within 100 yards when shooting mid sized game animals found here including moose and deer

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