Best Prepper Apps For Survival: Our Top 10 Picks

Contents1 6: CCW: Concealed Carry 50 State2 10: Knots 3D3 5: First Aid: American Red Cross4 1: SAS Survival Guide5 9: Gaia GPS Hiking, Off-road Maps6 8: Gas Buddy7 2: Scanner Radio: Police and Fire8 …

“You know you’re a prepper when your phone is full of apps. But which ones are best for survival? There’s no one size fits all app, so we’ve rounded up our top 10 favorites and listed them below.”

1. Do you know the best prepper apps for survival?

2. What are your favorite prepper apps and why?

3. What app has helped you the most in regards to everything that’s happening with hurricane season this year?

4. Which app do you think should be at the top of every preppers list?

5. Why do Facebook ads keep popping up about an emergency kit I don’t need… is something happening soon that we all need to be prepared for but not being allowed to see it coming as always lol!?

The best apps for survival are available offline and provide up-to-date information with little to no WiFi connection. I’ve been using a few of these recently, and have found them easy to understand even though they contain considerable amounts of valuable content.

I know that you are busy and may not have time to read through this list of the best survival apps out there, so I will summarize them for you. Some people think that quantity equals quality but it does not always work like that. Lots of these apps lack information regarding how they would be helpful in a real SHTF scenario because they were created by someone who has never experienced one themselves- cookie cutter recipes as some call them! The four here listed are tried and true with lots of great content from experts (not just writers) which can really help when faced with an apocalyptic event or any other kind where your life depends on being prepared. Let’s get into it:

2nd Favorite App – SAS Survival Guide:

The app has lots of pictures and videos, which is helpful for quickly understanding what the plant does. The free version only lacks a few premium features that are found in their bigger brother; however it still offers a lot of information considering its cost! With keywords searching, you can find anything without scrolling through hundreds of pages. I like how easy it is to use this app because everything that’s on the screen tells me what plants do or don’t have certain properties – such as being poisonous or not damaging if touched by animals with sensitive paws (like cats).

6: CCW: Concealed Carry 50 State

The informative app is entirely available offline, which makes it highly appreciated. The application layout may be dated and its lack of extreme weather information could prove problematic in the event that bad storms are on their way to your area.

The helpful app has all text available for reading even when you don’t have access to wifi or a cell phone signal because everything is stored locally! This includes detailed descriptions about different types of snakes as well as pictures and videos taken by those who use the program most often – so if there’s something you need help with, this free-to-download mobile software can answer any questions you might have without using up data from an internet connection (and since we know how critical battery life becomes during emergencies). There isn’t much

10: Knots 3D

You know when you’re sitting around with your friends and everyone is doing something different, but all of them are talking about what they find interesting at the time. This app does that for me in my everyday life! With this app I can see things happening right where I am or even somewhere else far away from here without any effort on my part (I don’t need to be a spy). It’s like having superpowers- no wait… it IS being a secret agent!

Prepper Colony is a simple and well-designed app that can help organize prepping supplies. Using the time management functionality, you are able to rate your supply necessities on what they need most: accessibility, quantity needed for emergencies or disasters of varying sizes (e.g., periods ranging from one day all the way up to five years), price range ($0-$100 ). You then use color coding and flags so it’s easy at a glance when sorting through your storage space during an emergency situation! This not only helps with organization but also makes shopping easier by knowing where in those situations each necessity should be found within their respective categories–whether its food items in kitchen cabinets stored away safely or medical kits used immediately after large natural

Prepper Colony is a simple technique to organize all of your gear and preps with ease. One aspect I like most about this app is the food lifespan calculator that determines how long you can expect each item or prepared food to last, depending on what it contains in terms of nutrients. It even gives an extensive list for items or foods you could prepare without ever having to use paper again! The only drawback may be its limited availability as an iOS-only application at present time but luckily there are other great apps available too such as Food Storage Calculator PRO by Lifehacker Software which also provides excellent features for any person looking into emergency preparation

This offline app is one of the first survival apps that I’ve ever used, and it still serves as a great tool for me today. The most beneficial aspect to this app is that everything in it can be accessed without internet access – which was perfect when my phone broke while camping! It also includes lots of useful information on how to survive if you’re out there alone; from making fire by rubbing sticks together with your hands or using natural materials found around you like wood bark, leaves, pine needles etc., to building shelters and snares so nothing gets caught within them.

Gaia GPS Hiking, Off-road Maps

5: First Aid: American Red Cross

Best Prepper Apps For Survival

This offline application may just save your life someday because all its content can be downloaded onto any device before heading into the wilds where no cell towers exist

This app is perfect for those who are looking to know more about their environment and what it offers in terms of survival necessities. This also comes with the added bonus that you get a bunch of skills, all at your fingertips! The layout may be simple but this trade-off will prove helpful when learning so many different skills from one source.

1: SAS Survival Guide

This amazing app has been designed specifically to teach individuals how they can survive during SHTF scenarios (such as natural disasters) by giving them access to invaluable information such as fire building, shelter creation, wound management etc., which I’m sure most people would find very useful if these situations ever arose! You don’t need an internet connection or Wi-Fi because everything within the application is available offline too –

Offline Survival Manual

9: Gaia GPS Hiking, Off-road Maps

Are you looking for a first aid app to take with you on an outdoor adventure or in the event of SHTF? Check out Completely Offline Easy To Understand Illustrated Very Well, which has all the right features and is illustrated very well.

Gas Buddy

Nationally recognized weather app features a variety of helpful safety tips for severe storms, tornadoes and other disasters. Learn first aid skills with this free application that is available on both iOS and Android devices.

I love this app. I was in the market for a new concealed carry weapon and after doing some research, realized that it could be really difficult to find one if there’s a sudden SHTF scenario because of my state’s regulations! Thankfully with Gun Law Info App from CCW Concealed Carry 50 States, all fifty states are at my fingertips whenever I need them so now even when disaster strikes or personal protection is necessary, finding out which gun law applies has never been easier.

Gun laws have changed a lot over the years, and as such it is important to stay in tune with them. The app called Gun Laws helps you do just that by giving you updates on gun law changes from different states across America. It also features local officials so that way if something happens near your hometown or area of residence, then there’s someone available for further information about what happened–specifically those in charge right here locally who are directly affected because they’re impacted firsthand; this ensures accountability while simultaneously ensuring transparency when possible!

The FEMA app notifies you of numerous types of disasters as they are currently happening. This way, you can rest assured while not paying attention to the news at all times. These alerts can be set nationwide or assigned to your local location

Available Offline  Features Official Local Numbers Ability To Save Licenses Cons Poor UI Syncing Issues 7: FEMA

I am a disaster survivor, and my number one worry is whether or not I’ll have access to the things that are necessary for survival. The app FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has been extremely helpful in giving me tips on what needs to be done before an emergency occurs as well as how best to keep oneself safe during any type of natural disaster such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes etc. It also includes a list of items every household should prepare beforehand; this way you’re never caught off-guard when something happens! There’s even GPS sharing now so family members can locate each other if they get separated after some sort of catastrophe like Hurricane Harvey. And it’s free too… What more could anyone need?

A SHTF situation can happen at any moment. If you’re in your car, Gas Buddy gives you directions to the nearest gas station and even tells you which one has the cheapest prices!

8: Gas Buddy

The Gas Buddy app is a great resource for finding gas during your everyday life. When disaster strikes, this app can come in handy too! Unlike other apps that offer outdated prices or do not provide routing information like the Gas Buddy does,  this one has up-to-date pricing and routes you to specific locations with ease. The only downside of using it is its occasional crashing from time to time while I was trying out some features (maybe an update could fix these bugs?). It’s free so at least download it today if nothing else than as backup when there are no more stations around!

SAS Survival Guide

Gaia is a great app to have on your phone if you’re looking for something that will help with navigation. Gaia has many features, including smart routes and maps of all available offline terrain information. The best part about it in my opinion are the elevation measurements which allow us to see how high up we’re getting as well as who’s around us!

2: Scanner Radio: Police and Fire

The first thing I love about this map is its ability not only giving me directions but also showing off exactly where I am without having an internet connection or data plan connected at any point during use. This allows me peace of mind when traveling new areas because being able to know what direction North and South are can be incredibly helpful even though those two points might seem completely irrelevant while exploring somewhere

Knots 3D

The app is an all in one that includes a massive selection of trails, as well as the ability to mark campsites and features. The GPS accuracy can be wacky at times but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something new.

Scanner Radio Police and Fire

3: Prepper Colony 

Knots 3D is the most comprehensive knot app on the market. From tying down a tent for camping to creating an emergency tourniquet, Knots 3D has all of your knot needs covered in one easy-to-use application. Featuring over 100 different knots with detailed instructions and diagrams, it’ll be hard not to find what you need!

The coolest part about the Knots app is that it’s entirely usable offline, so you won’t need any type of connection to use it. This may be scarce in the wilderness–or anywhere where there are few Wi-Fi connections available. It even features many detailed photos illustrating how to tie each knot which can come in handy whether you’re a prepper or not! If this sounds like something worth your time (and money), head over and download now before they run out of inventory again!


Preparing for disaster always starts with the basics: food, water and shelter. But it’s also important to have other tools on hand just in case your supplies run out or you can no longer access them because of a natural catastrophe. Your smartphone is an essential tool that provides information about how to prepare before disasters strike, offers emergency services when they do occur, delivers critical updates from authorities during emergencies such as blizzards and earthquakes – all while maintaining contact with loved ones through social media accounts like Facebook Messenger .

Prepper Colony

Apps are available today that allow people who feel preparedness is something worth investing time into even if nothing happens right now – these apps offer advice for what items one should stockpile (like canned goods), provide tactical know-how

CCW Concealed Carry 50 State

4: Offline Survival Manual

One can never have too many emergency preparedness products, and the ones offered by Legacy Premium are unique in their own way. The best part is that they’re all under one roof! Whether you want to prepare for a zombie apocalypse or just be ready for any situation life might throw at you, there’s something here for everyone.

If I were asked what should someone who wanted to ramp up on preparation do? My answer would be simple: visit Legacy Premium right away! They offer so much different merchandise from food storage options such as freeze-dried meals and dehydrated fruits