Best EDC Bags: A Slightly Different Viewpoint

A few weeks ago I received a message from a reader asking me to write an article about the best EDC bags. He wanted my opinion on what he should buy for his kit, and stated that he was particularly interested in seeing if there were any differences between different models.

I’m not really sure where this guy has been hanging out – but it’s not hard to find articles about EDC bags (just look at any of our recent posts). And we’ve written more than one post with the word “best” in the title. So I think you’re maybe barking up the wrong tree? But, since you asked so nicely… There are many good EDC bag options out there these days. The key is

1. What is your opinion on EDC bags for preppers?

2. Do you think prepper’s tools should be stored in a bag or not?

3. Why do you believe so many preppers store their gear in a bag before things happen, while why most people choose to keep their items at home or in cars if they don’t have shelter and food ready?

4. Would you assume that we’re just overthinking the need for an EDC bag as preppers are prone to do, or would you say it could come with great convenience as well as peace of mind when disasters strike suddenly from nowhere, and every second counts- especially without having ample time to prepare beforehand?

A life long hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman Dennis had survived many disasters in his home town before enduring a devastating tornado. After surviving the disaster he saw firsthand how people struggled to cope with this new lifestyle; it was then when he became dedicated to prepping/survivalism for any future natural or man-made emergencies. He built his first bugout bag just weeks after the storm hit because of all that changed during those days following recovery from such devastation: tornadoes wreaked havoc on local homes while also taking lives too soon. As an expert who has seen these tragedies up close time and again Dennies developed skillsets that could be utilized not only now but also later down the line if need be – as well as knowledge about weapons

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