Best Bug Out Bag Knives: 7 Hands-on Reviews, Buying Guide

You know when you’re trying to set up a website for your business and suddenly find yourself in the weeds with all of these technical terms that don’t make any sense? Yeah, me too. But …

You know when you’re trying to set up a website for your business and suddenly find yourself in the weeds with all of these technical terms that don’t make any sense? Yeah, me too. But one thing I can assure you is that there are things called SEO and keywords. They sound like something out of Harry Potter, but they’re not! It’s just about making sure people will be able to find your site when they search online. So if we want to talk about knives, let’s talk about knives! There are so many options out there it might seem overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be! Let’s take a look at some great bug out bag knife reviews (and what makes them great)!

Metal: It’s what we do and what you should buy.


2. Have you ever had to use a survival knife? If so, how did it work for you?

6. What would your optimal survival knife needs to have in order for it to be the best possible option in an emergency situation?

7. Do you think that being prepared is worth the hassle of carrying a big bulky bag every day just in case something happens?

8. In what situations do you foresee using the best bug out bags most about people’s homes or neighborhood?

A knife is a highly personal tool for outdoorsmen. Depending on the person, some may think any old one will do while others want to find something they know can be depended on with their lives at stake. Regardless of what kind or brand you prefer and how many features it has, there are a few things that should not be overlooked when choosing your BOB’s knife-blade length; handle material; blade thickness/beveling angle (or grind); type of steel used in construction; hardness level and edge retention potentials…

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A good quality survival style fixed blade like this from Mora Knives could serve as an all around solid addition to any prepper’s kit but before buying anything I recommend doing the research so you

For the reasons mentioned above, these are suggestions for bug out bag knives. I have researched and found that many of my picks make great choices not only because they meet all basic needs but also because they can be affordable. Many survival experts agree with me on this point; a BOB should include more tools than just one knife so it makes sense to find cheaper options which you can purchase in bulk if needed.

Don’t risk your life with a bad blade. 

How to choose the best bug out bag knives? Need help choosing which blade is right for you and your lifestyle? Below are my 7 hands-on reviews of some of the top rated blades on Amazon! I know, it can be tough when there’s so many options. Hopefully this helps narrow down your search a little bit – from small slip joint folders like Cold Steel Pocket Bushman all the way up to large combat tactical knives such as Kershaw Tanto Point Assisted Opening Knife with SpeedSafe Technology or SOG Pentagon Elite II fixed blade knife that comes in at an impressive 8 1/2″ overall length. For more information about these quality blades visit our website: www(dot)bestbugoutbagknivesreview

I have owned this knife for years and used it for tasks I would not normally use a folder for. It’s the perfect tool to cut open boxes, scrape grout off tiles or carpet fibers out of carpets after vacuuming them with your vacuum cleaner attachment. The one downside is that this blade won’t close quickly like other knives but hey what do you expect from something so rugged? A piece of cordage attached at the end of the handle must be pulled straight out while holding the blade to disengage its lockup tight as day 1!

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Review

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