Best 1-4X Scopes: Top 5 Picks Reviewed by Rifle Experts

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If you’re a prepper, then chances are you’ve considered your survival gear. From the best guns to go with, to what type of ammunition is most effective in each situation, and even how many rounds should be loaded at any given time; there’s no shortage of considerations when it comes to ensuring that we have all the right tools for surviving whatever may come our way. One tool that every prepper needs is an optic mounted on their rifle or shotgun. The reason being – if you can’t see your target, then you can’t hit it! With so many optics available these days its hard to know which one will suit your needs best so we’ve created this list of five great scopes for prepping purposes. All from trusted

1. What is the best 1-4X tactical rifle scope you’ve found that won’t break the bank?

2. What is your favorite 1-4x illuminated optic available on the market?

3. Do you think a higher magnification like 3-9 or 4-14 will be necessary for hunting with high magnification big game rifles like my .338 Winchester Magnum?

4. Which fixed power scope do you recommend as a general all around workhorse for ARs, bolt guns, and target shooting?

5. Should I put an illuminated reticle in front of my lens so I can hunt at night without carrying additional equipment?

The 1-4x scope is the best bet for rifle shooters who are practicing shooting at a distance. The feature selection varies wildly from product to product, and the quest may be daunting. But I’ve looked through everything out there and found five which offer not only quality but also durability. What you should do when looking for this type of device depends on what kind of shooter you are – or if your gun requires special features such as magnification power or reticle design. Hopefully my suggestions will help narrow down choices in finding one that suits you!

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