Benchmade Bugout Knife Review 2021: The Best Bug-Out Knife?

Contents0.1 Sharp Like a Tack!1 when you just need to get the hell outta there1.1 The Answer is 42.1.2 The perfect knife for urban survivalists. “It’s 2022 and you’re running for your life from a …

“It’s 2022 and you’re running for your life from a horde of the undead. Your rifle and handgun are out of ammo, but you’ve got one last hope: your Benchmade Bugout Knife. You’ll need to be careful because these zombies are fast, they’re strong, and they don’t feel pain. But with this Benchmade Bugout Knife you might have what it takes to survive.”

1. What are you packing for your bug-out bag?

2. Do you have any thoughts on what the best knife is in a crisis situation?

3. What item do you consider to be essential when preparing for an emergency, or at least something that it would be good to have with you if there was one?

4. Have you ever used a folding blade as your primary means of defense in the wilderness or anywhere else outdoors?

With the wide variety of Benchmade knives on their roster, it’s easy to find one that suits you with a specific need. However, for those who can’t wait until they get home from work or school and are in desperate need of a knife now (or just like carrying around an EDC), there is something special about having your own “Bug Out Knife.” The word bug out has multiple meanings when used as slang: meaning getting up and leaving quickly due to panic; running away without looking back; fleeing urgently because danger threatens close behind—all these definitions fit what I feel this handy tool should be able to do if anything were ever thrown our way while we had limited time before disaster strikes!

I was thinking something more along the lines of the Benchmande Adamas folding knife. But I guess they already have that. And so do I. The Adamas is a tank of a knife, with buttery smooth action and in-the-class design as well as performance, being able to rival some fixed blades out there with its durability and tactical abilities all packed into one sleek package–perfect for EDC duties or just taking it on an outdoor adventure where you need your blade ready at hand but don’t want to lug around anything too bulky or heavy! It’s also pretty slick how during my initial testing for this article we had both versions handy: first off benchmarking against their other folder model (which by themselves are quite unique)

The Benchmade Bugout is a super light and stealthy knife, as well as being svelte in design. It has 3.24 inch blades forged from the tough S30V steel for various duty knives.

The Benchmade bugout Axis Folding Knife is tough as nails, handsome and elegant. It’s sharp like a tack with tremendous heat tolerance that will not corrode.

For those looking for a utilitarian, lightweight pocketknife to take with them when they need to get out of dodge at the first sign of trouble, Benchmade’s Bugout is an excellent choice. This knife weighs just over three ounces and has no parts that will rust or corrode in harsh conditions – this means you can carry it around without worrying about damaging any part like blades or screwdrivers on your person as well!

The design philosophy behind the blade was interesting too: instead of making it durable enough so you could use its serrated edge to tow vehicles if necessary (a job better suited for something thicker), Benchmade focused more on how easy-to-maneuver and light weight their little bugout folder would be while still being able

The Benchmade Bugout Axis Folding Knife is a light weight knife, but with no compromise on the blade. It’s under two ounces and begs the question: “How can it be so light?” The answer lies in both philosophy and engineering of this bug out knife.

The Benchmade Bugout Knife is lightweight and sleek, making it perfect for a last blade when the SHTF. The steel pocket clip also makes this knife easy to carry in your daily life – no matter what you’re wearing or doing!

In a world where the unknown rules, it is important for everyone to be prepared. For preppers and survivalists alike, this means having an emergency plan in place that includes everything from food storage to bug out bags- even knives! In my experience with blades over time I found myself gravitating towards more versatile options like Benchmade’s Bugout Knife because of its wide range of uses on any adventure you may go through. From cutting rope or cordage during SHTF situations when your utility knife doesn’t have what you need anymore – all the way up until defending yourself against wild animals with razor sharp teeth; there are plenty of reasons why choosing this one blade could turn into being life saving if things ever went south quickly enough.

Sharp Like a Tack!

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The Benchmade Bugout Knife has been my companion for the past few months. The knife is super light and easy to carry, yet still feels really durable in your hand thanks to its sturdy blade construction. It’s also ridiculously sharp – I can cut anything with it! And not just paper or thin plastic; this thing can even tackle tough twigs that are a bit too difficult for other knives on the market today.

I’m not trying to brag, but I have the best blade in my collection. The version of Bugout that I work with has a smoked gray chromium nitride coated S30V blade and it feels so smooth when you run your thumb over it; there’s even an unsharpened swedge on the tip for more precision if needed. There are also thumb studs located at each side of the knife for convenience because who doesn’t love options? And as if all this wasn’t enough, Axis Lock is just waiting to help me out by opening up whenever necessary via retraction or wrist flip!

The Benchmade “Grivory” material is made of a polyamide thermoplastic synthetic resin in the nylon family. It’s lightweight, but it can take time to get this knife properly seasoned for wrist-flip Axis opening!

The Benchmade Bugout Knife is a strong, durable blade that has excellent heat tolerance. It also features terrific electrical neutrality and chemical resistance to make for an overall versatile knife. The texture of the handle on this particular design makes it easy to grip as well! You can close this sturdy tool with one hand if need be thanks in part to its triangular lanyard hole at the back end which not only provides weight savings but also functional benefits too: you could use it like a bottle opener or attach your keys securely so they don’t jingle around while you’re out hiking.

Benchmade’s Bugout Knife is the tool for any job. It offers a sleek design, an ergonomic grip and overall lightweight package that makes it perfect to be used as a scraper in your other tools’ sheaths when you need some help getting started with fire-starting. The knife has minimalism written all over it – just check out its razor sharp blade!

KNIFE. DETAILS. Recommended for all folding knives with a blade-closed striking! Sharp Like A Tack, the knife is just under seven and a half inches open, and just under four and three quarters closed at its smallest point – so it’s perfect to use in tight spaces like cars or small rooms where you can’t swing your arm wide enough for an effective strike. The KNIFE has amazing heat tolerance (temperature range of 300 degrees Fahrenheit), durability, strength (2x stronger than titanium!), electrical neutrality (-1000 V/MIL) as well as tremendous chemical resistance that makes this product nearly indestructible! But don’t take my word for it: Check Price on Amazon here

Benchmade has two versions of the Bugout Knife, one with a shiny stainless blade and sky blue scales. The other version features a dark grey chromium nitride coated steel blade that is colored somewhere between olive green and flat dark earth (a color Benchmade call “ranger green”). This model also offers an option for serrated blades in addition to classic continuous edges available on both models.

when you just need to get the hell outta there

best bug out knife

Knife enthusiasts can now enjoy the Benchmade Bugout Knife (#535-191) with a Gold Class upgrade. The knife features “Munin pattern Damasteel and ghost carbon fiber handles are coupled with smoked gray physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated liners…” Whether you’re outfitted for an apocalypse, or just have a healthy curiosity about what the end of civilization looks like—you’ll want to pick up this sweet new blade!

Back to reality, the Benchmade Bugout Knife uses a famous locking system. A horizontal bar moves back and forth with a thumb stud that allows blade deployment by simply flicking your wrist in one motion- usually done when using two fingers at once for grip security. My new knife is stiff though so I will have to get used it before being able to do this cool move.”

The Answer is 42.

The linerlock on this knife is not designed to be flicked open quickly, but rather requires a precise and clean snap. The blade isn’t too thin or thick which allows for a good balance between speed of deployment and the smoothness of opening it up with one hand.

The perfect knife for urban survivalists.

The Benchmade Bugout knife is a great tool for any person who takes their bug out bag seriously. The blades are made of high quality steel, with an edge that will not dull over time. You can trust the bugout blade to get you through in tight situations because it has always been there when I needed it most and never let me down no matter what situation we found ourselves in- whether facing off against human threats or nature’s wrath!

If you’re looking for the perfect bugout knife, we get it. We’ve been there too! The Benchmade Bugout Knife is definitely worth a look though because it’s got all of your bases covered with its MOLLE compatible sheath and Kydex grip handle that were designed to accommodate an alternate carry method such as attaching to your gear or body armor using paracord (or duct tape). You’ll also appreciate its blade geometry which includes a large clip point style drop-point profile edge in addition to jimping on both front face and spine side edges so that you can choke up on the blade while making precision cuts. And don’t forget about this thing’s full 3/4 tang design either –