Benchmade Adamas Knife Review for 2021: Worth It?

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We give you the diamonds to match your personality.

We’ve all been there, we’re looking through the prepper’s guide and our eyes land on a knife. What to do? Is it worth it this year or should I wait for next year when the 2020 models come out? When is the right time to buy a new knife? These are questions that have plagued many of us but they need not be answered because today you’re in luck! We will review one of the best knives in its price range, Benchmade Adamas Knife!

Benchmade Adamas Knife Review for 2021: Worth It?

1. What are your thoughts on the Adamas knife?

2. Do you feel that the high price tag is worth it in order to have a lifetime guarantee from Benchmade?

3. Where has Benchmade been getting their steel for this particular model of knife?

4. When does the warranty deadline come and what is the form required for them to receive a free replacement?

5. How well does this blade hold an edge when compared with other knives in this class?

The Benchmade 275 Adamas was created to be the strongest folding knife ever designed. The blade is made of D2 steel, and it’s an impressive 3.8 inches long with a 0.16 inch thickness!

The new 275 Adamas has a lock that is stronger than any other in the same category, and even better– it’s more durable. Lots of locks can claim to be powerful; but with what Benchmade set out to create for this knife was undoubtedly strong from start. They went through rigorous testing before releasing their final product because they wanted you know when buying an expensive blade like these knives are worth every penny!

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The force you can apply is impressive for a knife that weighs less than eight ounces. The balance point of the Adamas falls right on your index finger, making it ideal to use with one hand.


The heavy-duty, lightweight Adamas 275 is a knife that will be the envy of your hunting buddies. With its 3/4 inch handle and blade made from high carbon steel with ceramic coating for added durability – this beauty can take care of business AND protect you in one fell swoop!

The best sandwich shop in town.

It’s hard to believe that such a beefy folder could be so smooth and buttery, but it is. The blade moves quickly when the Axis lock flip is used with just enough force for you to know it’s there without being too much of an annoyance if your hand slips on top of the knife while cutting something like cheese. A common description from those who use this piece time after time again are “buttery” or “smooth.”

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The massive blade and Axis Lock were designed with a sleek look to go along with the high-quality performance of this razor. The handle’s scale shape is equipped with jimping on all four corners as well as at the back spine, so you can get an extra firm grip without having any irritating edges digging into your hand while shaving.

The Benchmade 810-1 is a combat knife designed in the style of an old school steak knife with some modern improvements. The most common way to grip this blade will be between your index and thumb fingers, undercutting its spine against the palm for maximum stability. By using forward or reverse grips you keep it closer than ever before while still being able to use all four edges; which can come in handy when covering up one side so that you’re only exposing one edge as opposed to two sharp sides ready at any moment for slicing action. There are three things about this guy I don’t like: first off they opted out on making their pocket clip ambidextrous (way too lazy), second there’s no finger guard near where

The Adamas is probably the heaviest lightweight knife you could carry without ripping your pocket off. Maybe it’s a cost issue but I would hope that they reconsider in the future because once put into motion, its clip grips on to my pants so loosely and drops down when coming out of my pockets. The Benchmade beast has an equal size blade as other knives which makes no sense considering how much heavier this one is than most others due to its steel thickness; however, while not yet dropping from walking or sitting with these heavy clips attached (which are mainly for show), their grip on our clothes’ seams seem unnoticeable at best—leaving us vulnerable if we ever needed them during any situations where we must be ready quickly such as self-defense

Take your time.

Benchmade’s Adamas 375 knife is a fixed blade that deploys quickly, and has the option of an Axis lock. The ceramic coating on the blade makes it durable without adding heat signature to your profile. But this isn’t just any old bench-knife: Benchmade also released their companion Blade named Double Take for those who like knives with folded mechanisms over Fixed blades because they’re illegal in some locations or don’t want something so large out at all times

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Best Survival Knife

The Benchmadse – ADAMAS375 Knife features a double edge serrated drop point design which means you can wield it effectively during combat situations as well as use tis sheath edges when needed most!  This updated version includes lightening holes along its full length handle

This D2 steel mini-monster is a more slender version of the popular 275 at 4.2 inches and just an ounce heavier, but can be much longer than its folding brother due to not having a choil or fuller running down the length of it’s blade. The 375 has no fullers either, but does have wicked serrated sawback along most of it’s back edge for quick cuts in tough situations where you need your knife on hand immediately without pulling out anything else from your pocket! A partially serrated main blade also available on this model if desired as well that would make slicing up some fruit while camping easy peasy lemon squeezy with minimal damage done to whatever surface may get cut onto besides what needs sliced through first – here are

Benchmade Adamas Review: Hands-On.

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I am an avid knife collector, and I use my knives for hunting purposes. The Benchmade 375 is a wonderful fixed blade that can be used in the water as well as on land due to its versatility. However, it really needs more than just some velcro straps or friction locks to ensure safety when traveling into deep waters containing large fish who might see you coming before they are hooked!

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Benchmade has two different style knives, the 275 and 375. Both come with a sheath that will never hold up to rigorous use on water; but if you want something for everyday carry the Benchmark fixed blade is exactly what you need. The 275 comes in at 3-3/4 inches long while being 1 inch thick which makes it perfect for day hikes or backpacking excursions because its lightweight and versatile enough to handle anything from fishing line cutting alligator clips off your new pair of 511 Tactical pants (which I also have)

The 375 steps things up by coming in at 4-1/2 inches so there’s more weight behind each swing giving it a power no knife lover could resist even when they’re sitting around

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Benchmade’s new line of ceramic coated blades is a way for you to have your cake and eat it too. The liquid hardens into an amazingly durable protective coating but also minimizes the heat signature of the blade, which can be very useful when cutting jobs that you won’t want others finding out about as well as providing protection against rusting in humid climates or staining from acidic foods like tomatoes. However, if black isn’t quite what floats your boat (pun absolutely intended) then don’t worry because these coatings come in two flavors: desert tan and standard black with no color restrictions on options other than keeping them dark so they blend seamlessly together without revealing any detail underneath!

The sheath options for the Benchmade knives are made in either black or tan, but both suffer from an affliction that many of their sheaths have: being vastly outperformed by the blade they carry. The Leatherman MOLLE-compatible option is my personal favorite choice as it’s built quality equals its blades and has a few pockets and straps to make life easier when on short missions. This knife was probably meant for D2 steel due to how tough this metal can be while still retaining other qualities like sharpness and rust resistance which would help any adventurous person who needs something dependable no matter where he goes!

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The only backup you’ll ever need.

The 375 is a fixed blade knife from Benchmade that features D2 steel. The 154CM was an excellent choice for the previous generation of tactical knives, but it’s softer which means you need to stop and sharpen your blades more often than with harder steels like 440C or ATS-34. I stopped using my Nimravus Cub when I got this new one because there’s plenty of time while camping to point out just how many fish we caught!

What do you get if two experts pool their knowledge? You guessed right – a whole lot less guessing in life on what products are best suited for different needs and situations. Let me introduce myself before explaining why Benchmade has been such good company: firstly my name is George

The Adamas folder is made of D2 steel, which can be very high in hardness and Rockwell scale. Some might think that this makes it too hard for EDC knives but the durability is within tolerance levels even if you want to use it as a survival blade or fighting knife. Furthermore, because its chromium content resists rust better than other steels does not mean that your little pocketknife will get rusty; only time will tell!

The 275 Adamas is a folding knife made for cutting chores. With its light weight and excellent balance, it can be turned into anything from an ice chopper to your best friend’s back up plan.

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For those who have regrets.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a knife that was more of an all-arounder than the Adamas. The D2 steel is quite edgeworthy and matches the demands for this slicing machine, whether fixed or folding. You have to be careful though because it’s razor sharp! It also has what they call Axis Lock so you can open your blade without having to release any springs or anything like that which makes opening up food packages really easy since sometimes those things are heavy duty (you’ll know if you’ve tried them). And last but not least, with its weighty feel on one hand and lightweight feeling on another – let me just say there aren’t many knives out there who do both as well as the Adamas

Liquid ceramic is a substance that turns into an extremely hard, durable protective coating. But the cool part of this transformation process? The liquid also minimizes your blade’s heat signature!