Benchmade 940 Knife Review: Worth It?

Contents0.1 Sharpens all your dull tools.0.2 The smart way to buy and sell fashion.0.3 Secure your keys, cards and phone in one place.1 The best all-around EDC blade on the market.1.1 We make deployment easy.2 …

Sharpens all your dull tools.

Do you need a knife? I think we all do. But is this one worth it? Let’s dig in and find out!

1. How important is a knife to you when it comes to prepping?

2. What do you think is the most significant difference between a pocket knife and a tactical one?

3. Do martial arts or hunting knives make for good weapons in tough situations that are close range?

4. Why do some people like to use knives as tools rather than weapons?

The smart way to buy and sell fashion.

Growing up in a family of hunters and fishermen, I was always surrounded by the sights and smells of nature. The Benchmade No products found is one such knife that captures my love for all things outdoors. This everyday carry pocketknife boasts an iconic design which has been around since 2002 – it’s as much about form as function but don’t fret because this knife still cuts like butter!

Secure your keys, cards and phone in one place.

I’m no stranger to carrying knives with me every day; if you are too then chances are you’ve heard of the Benchmade brand before (or at least they’re already familiar). From their early days producing high-quality blades back in 1988, just after founding over two decades ago until now where they have established themselves firmly within today’s market place

The best all-around EDC blade on the market.

Benchmade 940 Review. Check it out! This handy EDC knife is a top pick of thousands all over the world for its multifaceted design and excellent features — including Benchmade’s signature butterfly blade, a 3.4-inch long modified reverse tanto blade with an extremely slim 0.114 inch thickness that’s perfect for everyday use in any situation you might find yourself in; built to strike just the right balance between appeal and utility without compromising on either one too much or not enough – so depending on your needs (and preferences), there are bound to be several different blades from which you can choose this time around thanks to their modular style construction!

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We make deployment easy.

The knife is balanced, feather-light and slim with a blade made from CPM-S30V steel. When closed it has the dimensions of 4.47 inches x 2.9 ounces

This knife is both easy to sharpen and holds an edge exceptionally well. Even after weeks of use, you will find it sharp enough to shave with. Deployment on the 940 feels as natural as a breeze thanks to its expertly balanced design that only gets better when using gloves because of the AXIS-lock which keeps your fingers away from blade’s path while still being able to open one handed!

Benchmade 940

I cut through the manual, so you don’t have to.

The Benchmade 940 is a sleek, lightweight knife that has an ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener and comes with the added benefit of having all metal handles. The aluminum handle offers excellent grip for heavy duty cutting or slicing, but in winter months the coldness can be bothersome because it’s made entirely out of metal.

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There are a lot of people who enjoy deep carry for their clips, and if that describes you then it’s worth contacting Benchmade to see about an extended clip. The 940 can cut through many different fabrics with ease, making this knife the prime choice for users. It also has a modified reverse tanto blade so sharpening is not too much trouble either!

Never Lose Your Phone Again.

Designed to be durable, the blade of this knife has a thicker tip and an out-pushing spine that give it more slimness. Thanks to its strong steel material, you’ll always have your sharp edge with you when needed. It takes just 10 minutes (or less) for all edges as well thanks to superior engineering!

The only blades you’ll ever need.

Benchmade knives are some of the best on the market and they stand behind them – you can send them back to have your knife re-sharpened for free as long as you own it.

Protect what you love.

AXIS-Lock makes for safer and easier locking/unlocking, balanced design – easy to deploy. Attractive look; high quality American made steel with excellent warranty! Slightly pricey but worth it in the end!

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The AXIS Lock technology from Benchmade has revolutionized knife safety features by making lock up faster and more secure than ever before while also being very attractive looking on a daily basis. Now you can use your favorite blade without worrying about an accidental release thanks to this innovative new feature that is sure not only make life easier but will keep you well within legal parameters as well due its adoption of safe conditions including preventing injury or death should someone come into contact with the edge of your pocketknife during everyday activity.

I’ve noticed some common gripes with the Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife. The paint on the pocket clip chips off, which annoys customers a bit. Also, if you’re looking for this knife to be especially slim as it is advertised – then unfortunately that’s not quite possible because of how big the standard pocket clips are and they also stick out just enough so people can see them from afar too easily! Lastly but most importantly (as I myself am aware), after only one or two cycles opening and closing your blade will start wobbling more than usual all due to an engineering flaw in its pivot screw design—no other issues have been reported by users otherwise though aside from these three things mentioned above about my personal experience with using

We’ll get to your size and weight in a second.

Benchmade makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, with a diverse array of knives. From the design and construction of each blade is perfect, they’ll last years! With their excellent warranty that will keep your investment safe this company gives more than just quality: Benchmade has everything from simple folding knives to fixed blades in an assortment of styles.