Backpack Alternative: WEB Gear

Contents0.1 Pouch it, or lose it.1 Harness your battery needs.1.1 The world’s most comfortable men’s belts.2 A belt for life. If you are looking for a backpack alternative, WEB Gear might be what you’re looking …

If you are looking for a backpack alternative, WEB Gear might be what you’re looking for. These modular pouches can be worn on the chest, back, or shoulder and they have straps that allow them to be carried like a backpack. The company has been around since 1978 and is still in operation today. They offer gear for military and law enforcement personnel as well as civilian consumers. Reviewers of this product say that it is durable and comfortable to wear even when filled with heavy items such as weapons or camping supplies.

Pouch it, or lose it.

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1. What do you use as a backpack alternative?

2. Isn’t a backpack filled with survival materials going to be too heavy when carried for long periods of time?

3. Where are your go-to places to find the best packs that can hold an ample amount of gear, and won’t weigh down the back or shoulders?

4. Is there something about backpacks you like better than the alternative options (e.g., a webbing)?

WEB Gear H Harness

If you’re hiking or backpacking, I suggest trying out WEB gear. Sometimes known as LBE (Load Bearing Equipment), it’s a great way to carry light weight equipment without the heavy load of traditional pack. Some people prefer an H-Harness which distributes and equalizes your bodyweight more evenly than other harnesses do; others like Y-harnesses for their convenience when carrying water bottles that need quick access – but either will suit well if all you have is one day worth of supplies.”

Harness your battery needs.

I found that a Cold Steel SRK (Survival Rescue Knife) works well for the knife because of the sheath. Also, on either harness is a spot for sleeping bag once it is in synch strap. I like this feature because it hangs down my back out of way when hiking to camp site from vehicle or campsite shelter during inclement weather conditions and at night time temperatures reach below freezing point. On belt webbing could easily carry M-16 mag pouches but without magazine dividers inside; here are list items which can fit: folded bandanna – sharpening stone pocket knife Spyderco Manix 2

Kabar Fighting Field Knife Kydex Sheath

The world’s most comfortable men’s belts.

I looked over my gear checklist for the morning. I had a granola bar, water proof pill bottle with matches and fishing kit in it, zippo lighter on belt loop to light up dark places if need be, 10ft of paracord wrapped around waist-ready for any quick needs that might arise such as an emergency shelter or trip wire from tree branch to bug out point. On each side of me was strapped two military canteens full with iodine tablets inside ready when needing them after disasters like hurricanes where you have no access to clean drinking water just open sky above your head! A Parry Blade Survival Knife is attached at hip height which should not get lost easily during handiwork tasks while being easy enough reachable

A typical soldier’s medical pack is anything but your average first aid kit. It contains a number of items to prepare for any injury or emergency that may arise on the battlefield in addition to essential personal hygiene supplies. In my opinion, this detailed list should be seen as an all-inclusive guide rather than something you can fully understand from reading it alone:

A belt for life.

M4 M16 Magazine Pouch

1 scalpel with disposable blades 1 mini flashlight 3 chest wound compresses – 6″ X 8″ size 2 slings 4 ponchos (can serve as shelter, rain gear, water gatherer and ground mat) 120 rounds 9mm ammunition carried low riding tactical sling right side spare magazines