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You might be thinking, “I don’t know how to cook a turkey without power” or “What if I can’t find any batteries?” Well, you’re in luck. This blog post will show you how to prepare for the worst-case scenario and survive Thanksgiving dinner! We’ll cover everything from cooking with a campfire to what’s on the menu. You’ll need some basic tools: paper towels, kitchen gloves, oven mitts (or a towel), and tongs. The most important thing is making sure that your home stays safe during the preparation process so make sure all candles are out of reach and place them high up on shelves or tables. There’s nothing worse than burning down your house while trying to cook dinner

1. When is the “year” really over?

Back to Basics Book

2. How can we be prepared this year?

3. What are some ways to cook without electricity and gas that people who live in disaster zones use to cook food? (ex. solar oven, pressure cooker)

4. What are your two cents on the basics of emergency preparation for incoming disasters/disasters you’ve already dealt with?

Back To Basics is a book about learning the skills that our forefathers used in their everyday life. The 3rd edition, published in 2008, has 464 pages of information on how to build log cabins and churn butter! Back To Basic was originally published 1981 but this new version is updated for contemporary readers with an emphasis on safety and environmental sustainability. We live in changing times so it’s important we stay up-to-date with rapidly evolving technology while also respecting traditional knowledge (and now you can get both!). With its quick navigation system based around six major sections: basic tools; building techniques; home maintenance

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