Altoids Tin Survival Kit: How-To, What To Include

Contents1 Your tin is your canvas.2 An Altoid tin is a perfect place to store small items. 3 Wrapping it up with you!3.1 Product description: Wedding Planning Checklist4 There’s a Science to It.4.1 Your new best …

The world is a scary place, and it can feel like the end of days sometimes. With all these natural disasters happening, we need to prepare for anything that could happen next! That’s where Altoids tins come in handy! In this post, I will be teaching you how to create your own survival kit from an Altoid tin- this way you’re ready for anything life throws at you.

Your tin is your canvas.

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1. What are the top 10 items you’ve included in an Altoids Tin Survival Kit for yourself?

2. How many Altoids tins do you think is enough to be put in a survival kit?

3. Can you quantify how much water, food, and energy bars you would recommend for each tin?

4. Is this type of kit helpful to people who work with their hands every day?

I love repurposing containers. It’s sort of my passion, so making a small survival kit out of an Altoids tin is right up my alley! If you’ve never tried them before, I suggest picking some up the next time you’re out for candy. The tins are sturdy and come with hinged lids to keep their contents fresh – they typically contain mints that taste great but also have various uses in other fields such as first aid or cooking oils; many people just end this useful items into the trash after its original use has been satisfied though

Survival kits are a great way to stay prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster. However, I’m not too keen on using tins as survival kit containers because it’s just easier for me to carry things that will actually help my family survive (food, water).

It’s not wise to go into the woods, or any other environment for that matter, without anything. But if you’re going out in a group then it will be okay because there are people around to help and lots of things they might have with them. For me these little kits serve as an emergency backup plan and also just something I carry on my person at all times so everything is organized neatly even when I’m wearing clothes that don’t allow easy access like skirts or dresses!

An Altoid tin is a perfect place to store small items. 

No way no how should anyone think they are prepared by setting off into the wilds with this kind of mentality; disaster waiting to happen. If you’re planning on going along your friends who probably won’t mind sharing their gear (though

Wrapping it up with you!

As the title of this article suggests, I will be providing you with two different ideas for your Altoids tin kit. The first type is a general-purpose kit that contains items which can serve many purposes and the second is single purpose kits designed to meet one specific need or use.

They come in two kinds of tins, a mini and large one. A general purpose kit will have many different items that are great to keep on hand for those times when you need them most such as an ice scraper with brush or tire inflator with gauge among other tools. On the other side is what I call a single-purpose kit which has only some basic pieces needed like jumper cables or screwdrivers so it’s easier to focus your thinking about how exactly this particular item might help someone out during their time of need

A general-purpose and a single purpose toolkit can be made using either Altoids tin size – small (mini) 3 1/2″ x 2 ¼” wide by 7/8″ deep

I packed 10 feet of black thread, 6 large Band-aids, 1 gel pack of antibiotic cream and a sewing needle in my survival tin. Several water purification tablets were added to the mix for cleaning water should it ever come down to that. Duct tape was also included as an emergency make shift fire starter or gear patching material.”

Product description: Wedding Planning Checklist


I folded approximately two feet onto itself to create a flat triangle. I opted for a miniature ferrocerium rod over my butane lighter, which is usually what I go with. But depending on environmental conditions the inside of this tin could get very warm and hot temperatures are not good for the longevity of pressurized lighters such as those used by Victorinox Swiss Army Knife or other brands that use similar technology. The only downside was it cost me about $25 at Wal-Mart because they don’t carry them in any stores near where we live (probably due to supply/demand). Most people agree fishing supplies can be one of most important tools you have since they can be used for gear repair, trapping animals like squirrels and racco

My general-purpose kit had most of the necessities for survival. I was also able to pack one more single purpose kit that included a little more specific gear: 30ft of monofilament line and hooks, firemaking equipment (including 10 strike anywhere matches), along with some tinder in case you need it.

Duct Tape Seal

There’s a Science to It.

Altoids Tin Survival Kit

This kit is perfect for a variety of situations, but it’s especially useful when you’re out fishing. In the container are two strikers sealed in their plastic bag and four replacements; to be used with the matches that are also included inside this small case as well an assortment of other tools like some wire cutters, nylon cordage (which can help make emergency repairs), duct tape which does wonders on so many things from patching up wounds or making makeshift shelter – who knows what will come in handy next! This little toolkit has everything one needs to survive most anything because sometimes all we need is right there at our fingertips…

This kit is like a miniature survivalist’s dream set for outdoor adventures. I even threw in the fly that someone showed me, just to see if it would work!

It was a cold winter day in the Midwest when I walked into an old general store and found my future. The only thing more interesting than the beautiful, wood-carved sign outside of it telling me that this place had been around for over 100 years were all of these colorful spools behind them on display. One side read “sewing needles” while another said “thread.” Unsure if they would have what I needed inside to complete one hundred feet worth (2 feet wide) by two inches thick staple gun paper board tarp kit with grommet holes already cut out, I made a mental note to come back later as soon as possible…

Your new best friend.

Suddenly, something caught my eye: white nylon thread! This stuff is like candy

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Product description: Cons 

Do you have a hobby where you like to craft things with your hands? Like crochet, knitting, sewing or something else that involves thread and yarn? You know how frustrating it is when the ball of string breaks in half. Well now there’s no need for worry! The Knit Keeper comes equipped with clips on either side which hold onto the two halves so they don’t get lost again. There are also some basic tools included inside: 100 ft of 40lb braided fishing line (really strong), small Swiss Army Knife (great to keep handy at all times!), First Aid kit containing band-aids among other items; perfect size for carrying around in your purse – not too big but will help take care of those little discom

This Altoid tin has many uses, but it is not watertight. This makes certain things more difficult to carry–in an emergency situation or during a hike for example. The most important thing in the kit are also some of those with less versatility: antibiotic cream, antiseptic wipes and alcohol prep pads that serve as first aid basics. So what else can this little container do? Seal It! There are only two weak points on the bottom of the lid where liquid could enter through; these need to be shored up by gluing sheets onto them from around your house like aluminum foil (to make sure you don’t glue your fingers together). You should seal all seams using any waterproof adhesive such as clear nail polish so there’s

One way to ensure your preparedness kit stays safe from the elements is by wrapping duct tape around its seams. After filling with items of choice, take a piece of heavy-duty duct tape and wrap it around the entire seam being sure to cover both hinges. With this simple modification in place, even if you drop or submerge the tins for long periods of time they will remain watertight as I have found out firsthand!

Rubber Band Seal

Seal It in Style!

A good thing gone bad. 

There are many ways to seal the lid on a container. Some people prefer using rubber bands, which can be easier to carry with you than tape if you have too much stuff inside. But maybe your preference is sealing it up tight like an unbreakable box? Seal it completely and put some ranger bands around for extra protection from small objects that could escape or burst through any tiny opening left unprotected by just one thin layer of plastic film wrap. You may want to consider making char cloth tins out of Altoids containers–useful when cooking over fire pits without the risk of sparks setting something else nearby ablaze because they don’t conduct heat as well as metal would (and we all know how dangerous those little things

The emergency kit you carry on your person is a personal choice. Do not fret if it does not match what someone else carries, as all kits are different based on the individual’s needs and abilities. But no matter what type of kit you decide to use, these small containers can be highly customized with items that will serve them best in their particular situation- whether they need fire starting supplies or first aid for an injury sustained while hunting wildlife in the deep woods!

The most important tools for your next adventure. 

Whether large enough to fit inside a backpack or just convenient enough for stowing away at work– we’ve got options any size survivalist would love! For those who want something discreet but still well-organized like waterproof matches and bandages hidden amongst pocket sized notebooks;

What will you put in your Altoids Tin? The possibilities are endless for these handy tins. In this article, we’ve given some suggestions on what to store inside of an Altoid tin; however, if the ideas from our list don’t fit into any future plans or goals then it’s time to get creative! Make sure that whatever you choose fits a specific need and is not just thrown together at random because organization can be key when storing goods.

We hope that after reading through the items suggested by us as well as other things people have found useful while using their own personal tins has inspired creativity in coming up with something uniquely yours – but no matter what item(s) end up being placed within them make sure

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