Aimpoint vs EOTech: Which is Better in 2020?

Contents1 EOTech or Aimpoint?1.1 The world’s smartest, funniest phone.1.2 Always in style.1.3 “I’m sorry, this isn’t a phone number.” Now that 2020 is here, preppers are wondering what the best holographic sight for 2020 is. …

Now that 2020 is here, preppers are wondering what the best holographic sight for 2020 is. The two most popular sights on the market today are Aimpoint and EOTech and they both have their pros and cons. Which would you choose?

1. What do you think the best AR optic will be in 2020?

2. Are there any other options for optics that might make more sense than either Aimpoint or EOTech?

3. Would you personally rather stockpile one or the other brand of optics, knowing fully well that they’re both good brands?

4. Can a lower-end scope compare to an HD optic, such as EOTech 512 or Aimpoint 100X on close targets/mid ranges?

This is a tough question! If you’re in love with the EOTech holographic sight, go for it. It’s got amazing optical performance and near indestructibility to boot. But if your heart belongs to Aimpoint, then by all means make that decision too – they offer proven track records when deployed on battlefields around the world as well as stellar battery life so you’ll never have an issue there either way. The only downside of both sights are their high price tag (which can be remedied through warranties), inability without batteries (easily fixable) and counterfeiters who target them often due to popularity which could cause some problems down the road should anything happen while out hunting or at home defending yourself from intruders

While L-3 might sound harmless, it is truly a prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions. A leading provider of communication and electronic equipment for military purposes, they put their focus on innovation to ensure that soldiers are safe from the latest threats posed by our enemies. On the other hand there’s Aimpoint who started with one goal: improving shooting accuracy–a mission you can see them take pride in today through innovative products like laser sights which allow shooters to shoot accurately even when firing at an angle or around corners without exposing themselves as well as better rifle optics that let hunters track prey day or night while staying hidden from view all thanks to low energy red dot lasers!

The “Aimpoint vs. EOTech” debate has been ongoing for years now, with everyone having an opinion on which is better and why. One of the major factors in choosing between these two high-end optical sights will be price – it’s hard to not go cheaper when looking at buying one sight; however, you may find that this means sacrificing some other features like battery life or reticle options depending what side your personal preference falls on. There are plenty more details about each company out there if you want to do a little research before making up your mind!

Aimpoint wins for staying on until the battery dies or it is shut off. EOTech, while having a clearer glass than Aimpoint and smaller dot that’s better for long range shooting, doesn’t have as good of battery life with its lithium batteries compared to N-cell which keeps your scope going all day without recharging them. In addition, if you’re looking at an optic used by Seal Team Six members who killed Osama Bin Laden then this should be one of your only considerations because they are able to withstand more abuse in combat operations from changing positions quickly but also being mounted onto their rifles during insertion into rough terrain where other optics might not hold up based on weight distribution among others reasons like overheating when near sandstorms/extreme

The EOTech is a great scope for combat because it provides the quickest target acquisition. The Aimpoint, on the other hand, has an almost unbeatable five-year battery life and its LED projection can be seen even in dark conditions where images are projected three dimensionally onto holographic film bonded to glass windows of varying thicknesses.

The Aimpoint has a battery life of about 50,000 hours while the EOTech’s is 600. Specs for each sight were provided as well: weight and submersibility depth respectively. The small center dot size on the aimpoint can be 2 MOA which means it takes two minutes at 100 yards to cover your target with one inch from that distance whereas this same measurement would only take 1 minute in between 3-10 feet

Both sights are top contenders, but it is hard to say that one optic entirely outperforms the other. The Aimpoint may be quicker on target and more reliable in a survival situation where battery life needs to last for years, while Trijicon could end up painting your enemy during those desperate moments when you need timely targeting as fast as possible.

The EOTech is better for me because it offers a clearer reticle that I can use faster. However, the Aimpoint’s dot may be subject to colors and brightness of what’s around you whereas with an EOTech your eyes are wide open so this framing effect doesn’t bother as much. The downside though is that if there isn’t memorization then some features won’t work well or at all which make them not great in situations where things change quickly- like stalking through dusty environments!

EOTech or Aimpoint?

Personally, I find the EOTech much faster on target when bringing up my rifle. Why? Well first off it has been proven time and again by many people including myself: its reticle will stay clear no matter how intense

I love my Aimpoint because it is so simple. The longest I have ever used one without changing the battery was five years, and that’s a long time to not change something out! They are great for when you need your sights in bad situations but don’t want them on all times; they’re easy enough to use just like any other electronic sight as well if needed

The EOTech is a good worker but the Aimpoint feels much bigger on the gun to me. The probability of these sights going dark when my life depends on it, although unlikely, does roll around in the back of my head as something unacceptable. Restarting an EOTech might not be so easy during survival situations like this one though – I will probably have other things that need addressing first!

The world’s smartest, funniest phone.

The Aimpoint CompM3 has a thick black ring surrounding the transparent optics that blocks a significant amount of important visual real estate. The interface is as simple as twisting the knob clockwise to make the dot brighter and twisting it in an opposite direction for dimmer or turning off its light. A major inconvenience with this sight is not being able to use any other battery besides 123 batteries, which are found nowhere else in my tactical ecosystem aside from all Surefire flashlights and weapons lights I have crammed into mine.

Always in style.

The only other one-off batteries in my kit live in my Leica rangefinder and garage door opener remote control. Ok, now you know where I stand so tell us what you think: What is your stance on the EOTech vs Aimpoint debate? Yes, I understand that there are Trijicons at a higher end for reflex sights and all of those lower end models with red dots; but let’s keep this discussion between two major contenders—EOTech or Aimpoint.

Would you rather be able to see your target clearly, or know that the rifle is a cheap knock-off? Join in on this debate about optics.

“I’m sorry, this isn’t a phone number.”

Otherwise an optic might spend all of its budget competing against another one who’s similar but cheaper and still lose because it can’t keep up with quality – so what’s the point without any fun for either party involved? The question then becomes whether we want our rifles to shoot accurately at long distances like Trijicon ACOG TA31-ECOS-RMR battlesight does or if we’re satisfied knowing they are just as accurate by simply using a “Holographic Tactical 1x30mm Red Green Blue dot sight hunting rifle scope”. What side do you stand on when

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