8 States That Pose Highest Risks Of Missile/Nuclear Strike in 2021

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The Silver State. 

All of us have grown up knowing that at one point in the future, the world will end. Whether this is due to environmental disasters or nuclear war, we all know it’s coming. The question is when? That answer may lie in what state you live in. In 2021, there are 8 states that pose the highest risk of a missile/nuclear strike: Hawaii, California, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Texas. Not only do these states face a high risk of being hit by missiles or nuclear weapons from other countries but they also suffer from natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes which could cause an even greater disaster if not handled properly with supplies like those found on preppersprosperitynetwork dot

1. In which state do you think the risk of nuclear threat is the highest?

2. Do you think that this map has great accuracy?

3. What are your thoughts on these 8 states in terms of nuclear threats in 2021?

4. Are any countries known for their big voices speaking out against these attacks from North Korea at all?

5. Is there anything else that people should know about this map?

Life’s a beach. 

If SHTF, living in one of these states could put you at the unnecessary risk of a potential missile or nuclear strike. I’ve been studying nuclear warfare for quite a few years now and have found that some states pose more danger than others when it comes to an attack on our country from enemies like Iran, Russia, North Korea etc. Luckily we’ve avoided this thanks to Military built like no other; but what if they got their hands on nukes? Our military would be nothing against them without warning!

If somebody does decide to launch missiles into US territory then where should people live so as not get caught up in all the destruction? Luckily there are many places across America with low levels of radiation risk – meaning it’s unlikely

America’s #1 Online Lifestyle Magazine 

If the enemy manages to launch a nuclear attack, and our defensive systems fail in any way whatsoever, there would be mass destruction everywhere. This could lead to fallout that would cover all of America – but is it better for you personally? I’ve compiled this list on what states have populations with high densities so if one were looking at which state might fare worse during such an event then these are likely candidates. However, don’t forget about radiation levels!

Not all Americans have the same chance at being killed by a foreign enemy. The population of your state can make or break that risk, which is why you should consider relocating if possible to avoid high-risk states like New York and California. You might want to live in Montana or Maine instead because they are low-key places with less people living there who would be targets for enemies trying destroy as many lives as possible when launching their strikes on America’s soil


If you are a military expert, then the idea of attacking low population density states is an obvious strategy. However for those who may not be knowledgeable about warfare, let me explain why it would be foolish to do so: Military bases serve as our primary defense against air and ground invasion alike. If these were taken out – whether by infiltration or bombing – we’d become more susceptible to both land and aerial attack; in other words less safe than before!

One thing that worries many people is living in a place where there are A LOT of military bases. You might think it would be good to live near so much protection, but the truth is you’re at risk because they’ll target those areas most often. If you want to stay safe or lessen your chances for being involved with war, then choosing an area without any military bases around will make sense and keep you safer. This website has information on all current US Air Force Bases in America if this interests anyone who wants more facts about location of these types of things- Important Officials

In contrast not all our air missile protection systems are located near these bares; however many them ar e . So it only makes logical sens as thos

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There are several targets that may draw more attention because they house many vital government officials. For instance, Washington DC is a prime target for attacks from its proximity to the White House and Capitol Hill which houses members of Congress as well as the President’s residence. In addition, California has been home to Hollywood celebrities like Jerry Brown- who was Governor in 1974-1994 and Arnold Schwarzenegger; New York City contains nearly 20 million people with over 300,000 devoted law enforcement officers protecting it every day while also housing some of America’s most influential politicians such as Mayor Bill De Blasio or Senator Chuck Schumer while Florida hosts around 16 million residents including high ranking military personnel at only one branch but still others ranked among our country’s top 100 wealthiest individuals according to Forbes

The U.S.A has a history of successfully defeating other countries with airstrikes, but the unfortunate truth is that these tactics are not foolproof and can often lead to an increase in violence rather than peace as we witnessed when Osama Bin Laden’s army fell apart after he was killed by our troops in Pakistan back in 2011

The reason for this scatter-effect on society occurs because fear breeds more anger which leads to revenge – it becomes cyclical very quickly

The power grid is a complex system of wires that transports energy and provides electricity to all U.S. homes, businesses, and industries- powering everything from hospitals to traffic signals in our cities! But if this infrastructure were taken out by an EMP strike (a nuclear bomb detonated high up in the sky) we would come crashing down like those cars on America’s most famous rollercoaster: Cyclone at Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles California!!!

If one day you suddenly woke up without your phone notifications or Facebook updates what will happen? What about when the oil refinery runs dry because there wasn’t enough time for new shipments during Hurricane Harvey?! With so many things relying on electricity – not just creating it but also using it as well –

America’s enemies realize that it would be dangerous to take away the luxuries we’re so dependent on, which is why many people are now building entirely off-grid homesteads. One of these states with a high risk for airstrikes due to its importance as home of key officials in Washington D.C., where there may exist one of most sophisticated bunker systems in all the world – The White House!

Virginia is for lovers.

This passage talks about the threats that Washington, DC faces in a potential war. It is not completely safe from being targeted and there are many reasons why this could happen. One of these opponents would be New York because it has more people who may die if attacked than other states such as Pennsylvania or Montana which have smaller populations to worry about losing lives during an attack on their home state’s capital city.

New York is one of the most diverse and influential places globally, housing a number of important buildings such as One World Trade Center. As we know from past attacks on this city in which terrorists destroyed two world trade centers, it could be deemed an easy target for future terrorism because many officials live there who have vital information that terrorist groups may want to steal or take revenge upon.

The defenses of California are strong against air missile strikes, but it is not always successful. It’s a given that this state will be on the list because it has over thirty-seven million residents, making them one of our most densely populated states in America today. The risk factor for being hit by an attack from an air missile would increase due to its military bases and high resident population – if we’re considering what enemies might do with those targets here as well then there could be some more sketchy situations coming up soon enough!

A place where soldiers can go for a break.

The defense system for California was pretty bulletproof when dealing with missiles fired from airplanes; however they weren’t totally invincible and had their fair share of failures too often than any other type seen before (California). With

We have the fuel to power your vehicle.

The US is understandably and strategically vulnerable because of the amount of natural resources that it has. California, which hosts Silicon Valley, may be a tempting target for potential enemies as they might use their power to take control over our tech giants like Facebook or Google in order to disrupt American society from within. They’ve also got oil refineries near San Francisco Bay Area and nuclear facilities outside Los Angeles- these are both areas we should keep an eye on if there’s any sign of invasion by outsiders who want harm us—and not just physically but culturally too!

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Virginia holds 20 military bases with Washington DC closeby so the government can still run efficiently even if some state actors were taken out

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The U.S.’s defense system is impressive and detailed to protect the nation’s capital, but it doesn’t seem like enough with all of our enemies out there who want us dead. Imagine an attack on Washington D.C., where fallout releases toxic gas that could kill millions in a matter of seconds or minutes as soon as they inhale those particles? It would be catastrophic for not just America, but also for other nations too!

The Lonestar State.

Why is this such a scary thought–an unplanned nuclear strike by one country against another may lead to nothing short than world annihilation due to unsafe war tactics? This means if these bases were taken down-the protection around DC area will decrease from 50% off potential attacks (according)to experts at

In this passage, the author is discussing why Florida should not come as a shock to you. The state has many influential politicians and military bases which make it prime for natural disasters such as hurricanes that travel hundreds of miles gathering up people from other states along its path before wreaking havoc on those who live in Virginia due to its proximity with highly populated areas like Florida.

New York City. A place where dreams come true, and nightmares are known to live as well- New York is a city with the power of an entire state behind it in population; but not one that comes without its risks. Terrorist attacks have been all too common on the East Coast over recent years due to lax security at airports time consuming procedures for other forms of transportation like trains or buses which means while Florida may be seen from afar more than Nevada, you’ll find yourself better off if your plan falls through in NYC

A state of mind. 

Although it is impossible to say with certainty what goes on inside Area-51, we can deduce a few things about the military installation. It’s likely that technology and weapons are tested here because of how secretive this base has been for decades now. If you destroy Area 51, all of its resources will be lost forever as well; including any new discoveries made there in recent years or those yet to come—including alien lifeforms perhaps?

Las Vegas should be considered as a place to live because of the beautiful structures and the potential for mass civil unrest if it were destroyed. Hawaii is also in consideration due to how many people would call me crazy, but when you really think about it they are one of three states that could go down with just one nuclear bomb. They have missile defense systems which can fail so despite being an island their risk remains considerable even though they might not seem like top contenders at first glance

Fallout should also be considered because even if the missile was shot down, it could still deliver fallout and the effects of an EMP. With 10 military installations in Hawaii including two million residents with plenty more to come, as well as Texas’ relaxed Gun laws and natural resources – which are only a part of what makes this state great when SHTF – our enemies will have so much they want to take from us here that I believe we’re safe for now.

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So, you’re wondering how Texas stacks up for other SHTF scenarios? Well let’s consider the consequences of a nuclear attack. Not only would it be devastating to have your state obliterated in this way but with so many military bases and anti-air missile defense systems located there, as well as being home to atomic weapons themselves if foreign nations ever attacked another state then they will likely target Texas because it is such an easily accessible location that has much potential for destruction. However don’t worry; most other SHTF events are not nearly enough of a threat to warrant concern when compared against something like nuclear warfare!

Your lawyer on your phone. 

In addition to all its natural beauty and breath taking landscapes, one thing everyone should know about life in texas is just how dangerous

There are few disasters worse than nuclear warfare. Like Hiroshima, there have been other wars using atomic bombs in the past but terrible weapons today that make previous explosions seem like a joke by comparison. They destroy everything close to them and then spread toxic chemicals for hundreds of miles all while killing every living thing it touches! If you live near one of these states, consider moving or building your own bunker in case anything happens so we’re prepared when disaster strikes again

The city that never sleeps.

When the world is in a state of nuclear armageddon, it’s important to know what your best chances are for survival. Fallout bunkers exist but they’re not always available or practical so you’ll need to find shelter as quickly and far away from ground zero as possible. The most protective buildings on earth will be able to provide some protection while underground shelters offer maximal coverage against radiation levels that would kill an average person within 30 minutes.