7 Reasons MRE’s are Better than Backpacking Meals

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When you’re prepping for the end of the world, it’s important to have food that will last. MREs are a great way to do this because they don’t require refrigeration and can be stored in extreme conditions. Here are 7 reasons why MREs are better than backpacking meals:

MRe CrackersName a better breakfast.

MRE Dessert

1) They’re easy-to-prepare – You don’t need a stove or any other cooking equipment; just add water and you’ll have a ready-to-eat meal! 2) They’re more nutritious – The military is always looking out for our troops, so they make sure that these rations pack some serious nutrients. 3) Less chance of freezer burn – If your freezer goes out in an

1. MREs are lighter

2. Less expensive than backpacking meals

3. MREs offer more calories, protein, and nutrients than backpacking meals

4. They come with a heat source and utensils saving you from having to buy these separately

MRe Crackers
MRE Drink Mix

5. MRE’s don’t require cooking or water to be eaten

6. MRE’s have a long shelf life- up to 12 years on the Melts Away insulation packaging

7. The OPSGEAR INC offers an unadvertised perk for Marine Combatant Commanders when they purchase 22 cases of 20 packs of all their delicious and nutritious Survivalist Rations™

MRE DessertSweet, Sweet Memories

There are so many misconceptions about MREs. They may be lightweight, but they’re far from backpacking food!

A lot of people think that because military-grade MRE’s can last years and have a 10 year shelf life, then it must make them long lasting for the outdoors as well–but this is not true at all. This article will break down seven reasons why eating an outdoor meal should never compare to what you eat when camping with Military Grade Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). I’ll even admit being one of these naive types in the past until my mom introduced me to Mountain House meals which only lasted on average 3 days before spoiling or getting gross due their high salt content compared with just 2 weeks for most

MRE Mix it up with fun. Mix it up with fun.

MREs come with a side dish, usually something like rice or vegetables. Backpacking meals only have one main entrée unless you buy extra sides. MRE’s also include crackers and bread for your meal — no need to bring along anything else!

MREs are known for their long shelf life but they’re not the most appetizing food in the world- so how do people stay motivated? One way is by including some treats such as desserts (yes both), candy, spreadable cheeses etc., which can be found in every standard issue MRE package; that’ll definitely keep those cravings down when backpacking through Europe all summer without any access to ice cream shops 🙂


MRE Backpack Meals

MRE Side Dish
7 .

MRE’s come with a whole bunch of extras, like sports drinks and hot cocoa. You never know when you might need some sugar or TP during your hike! Plus they have the Flameless Ration Heater that lets you cook up something fresh even if it’s raining outside.

MRE Backpack MealsNutrition for your body, and the one you love.

MREs are the perfect meal to have in your emergency kit at all times. They’re compact and portable, with a long shelf life of 10 years or more! Plus they come ready-to-eat complete meals that include entrées such as beef stew, spaghetti

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